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Thread: Rifle/gun socks.

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    Rifle/gun socks.

    Looking for 2 gun socks for in cabinet protection. Any recommendations or have 2 for sale?

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    I think @ 24" long these are for a shotgun in a hard case ?

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    Sorry, was posting in haste. If you have a look around the Alan Rhone ebay page, there are a few options, some of which are specifically for scoped rifles.

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    allen rifle socks on amazon 54inch long and wide enough or stretch for scoped rifles ,and theres more on ebay

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    i use the copper anti rust ones tad more but ha ho better than a gunsmith/ stock referb bill :-

    Anti Corrosive Gun Sleeve

    Store your gun safely and keep it free from rust and all corrosive gases with our hi-tech, anti-corrosive gun storage sleeve. Award-winning (NASA) and used by NASA. Effective for up to 15 years.

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    i have remingon ones which do the job rather nicely
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    Two Remingtons ordered. Thanks chaps!

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    Remington ones are great!

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