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Thread: Thread protectors

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    Thread protectors

    I am having a clear out of thread protectors I've collected. I think used difficult to tell.

    4 X 1/2UNF Blued steel 16.3mm outside diameter, 12.5mm long, knurled although looks incomplete on one of them.

    1/2UNF Blued steel 21.2mm outside diameter, 12.5mm long, think this was to replace the plastic one on a Sako Quad varmint

    5/8UNF Stainless steel 21.2mm outside diameter, 15.5mm long

    All 7 delivered (paypal please) PM me

    Click image for larger version. 

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    PM inbound mate
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    how much can you do the 4 1/2 UNF ones for?

    22 posted?

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    Probably going to sound like a right div, my barrel is screw cut, but how do you work out what the thread is?

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    depends if its factory threaded or not,if its factory the they normally have a normal thread or series ie 14x1 ,18x1 ,1/2 unf whatever which you can look up ,but if its been (gunsmithed) it might be something different ,so without knowing the rifle make we cant hazard a guess,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geordiehillbilly View Post
    Probably going to sound like a right div, my barrel is screw cut, but how do you work out what the thread is?
    what rifle/calibre?
    you can usually tell from the calibre and contour as there are only a small number of threads used

    if you have calipers run them across the top of the threads

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    Depends on the barrel you have on your rifle, Heavy barrel mostly is 18x1 thread, sporting barrel is mostly 14x1 or 1/2'' UNF, use set of calipers to measure the outer diameter of your thread.
    Good luck

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    It was "gun smithed" and its a Tikka T3 Stainlees Lite. What am I looking for if I measure as I have a set of calipers?


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    as its a tikka t3 light it should be factory cut in M14X1, but if its shop cut it could be anything so its either trying a mod with a thread you know,or as others have said measure it ,on which i cant help as all mine are 1/2 unf,

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