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Thread: Sako "Ringmounts" 25mm

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    Sako "Ringmounts" 25mm

    Hi all

    I've got a set of "Ringmounts" they're in blued finish for 25mm tube scopes front mount is the wide dovetail, the rear is the narrow with a fixed arrestor pin

    they measure approximately 16mm from the top of the dovetail flat to the bottom of the ring opening, the dovetail clamp has a splined type knurling around the locking screw along with the large screwdriver slot for tightening up

    these are tapered ring bases one piece units to fit Sako rifles with the taper dovetailing

    looking for 65.00 including postage

    many thanks


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    What height are they will they take an 8x56 scope?

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    Hi there

    they measure 16mm from the top of the dovetail on your rifle to the bottom of the ring so really all depends on if your action is high enough for the 56mm scope should be no problem possibly depends on your barrel profile too

    they fitted on my Sako and I had a 50mm scope on my with plenty of clearance to the barrel and theres only 3mm difference between 50mm and a 56mm scope (3mm either side of the 50mm) before someone on the forum says I can't count!!



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