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Thread: Lightest Moderator .25-06

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    Lightest Moderator .25-06

    found some old threads on this , just wonder if there is any change on the Lightest Moderator, the lightest i can find is

    Roedale Delta Ultralight Modular Sound Moderator

    Weight: from 175 g
    - Diameter: 39.7 mm (1.56)
    - Length: from 147 mm (5.75) long

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    Both the Hardy and DPT are reflex design and only add 80-100mm lengthwise if its an issue and both are extremely light with the DPT just edging it 260 grams which has the potential to go even shorter and lighter by removing individual baffles

    The Atec carbon fibre is also worth a look.Although it looks a big mod its only around 300 grams.A bit pricey at around a third more than the other two mentioned above

    I very much doubt that theres any noticeable difference between a 175 gram mod or a 300 to be honest
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    I have the Hardy. Best mod I have owned. Small, light, yet still does a reasonable job.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Yup, another vote for the Hardy. I have one on my 695 in 25.06 and you hardly notice its there to be honest.

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    the new Macc tecc moderator that you can get from edgar brothers is only 200g, I have one and think they are awesome on my .243

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    MAcc mods are out by Edgars and is really light and compact! apparently it is really effective. I wouldn't mind trying one. They are pretty reasonable at about 240-260 I think.

    What other mods have you used and would you say the MACC is better? not because you now have one but is it actually better and sound suppression.

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