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Thread: #642 and 643, Muntjac and MuntjaM (or is it MuntjaK?)...

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    #642 and 643, Muntjac and MuntjaM (or is it MuntjaK?)...

    Anyway, on offer tonight is a matching pair of knives, offered as a pair or individually, no problem...

    #642 is a Muntjac and #643 it's medium sized sibling, the MuntjaM (for now at least, the name might change?!), the MuntjaM sitting between the Muntjac and the MuntjaX in size...

    Here they are...

    Both are produced from 1/8" stock SF100, full grinds and tapering tangs sort each direction from the ricasso to butt and tip...

    The Muntjac displays the ever popular dimensions of the 3" cutting edge and 7" overall, it's slightly larger sibling, MuntjaM, 3 1/2" and 8" respectively...

    Atop said tapering tangs scales are a mixture of G10 material, liners being 1/8" with black over, these secured by adhesive initially and the duo of swaged tubes to conclude proceedings...

    This brace of cutlery is sat in the workshop just now lacking sheaths, I am going to offer them initially that way until I have knives leaving for sheathing in a couple of days, once sheathed they will be priced at 295 each, all in...

    If however you decide that you'd like to sheath yourself, or know someone who can, or ask me to point you in the direction of someone who can, all good, in that scenario there is a whacking 100 discount per knife on offer, take them as is and either knife can be yours for 195 all in...

    All in means RMSD within the UK included, PP fees included, if you are overseas then there may be a little extra insured post cost to cover, that cost will be at cost though and I'm pretty sure it will not break any banks...

    Cheers all, thanks for looking, Stu

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    The smaller of the knives, the Muntjac is now sold...

    The larger MuntjaM is still available for another couple of hours or after which time I'll be sending it for sheathing...

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