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Thread: Watch service - 450 !!!

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    Watch service - 450 !!!


    Just fallen off my chair.

    450 for a service seems like someone is taking the .....?

    Would anyone have any recommendations for where to get a watch serviced please?

    Thanks in advance

    Iain (off to lie down!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyefor View Post

    Just fallen off my chair.

    450 for a service seems like someone is taking the .....?

    Would anyone have any recommendations for where to get a watch serviced please?

    Thanks in advance

    Iain (off to lie down!).
    not a clue Iain

    but tell the name of the shop. make of watch so I know what not to buy (should I ever have the money) and what shop to avoid

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    thats normal for a automatic watch from one of the swiss manufacturers.

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    Uh-oh. This doesn't bode well for me then. I have a gold Longine with a broken glass in for repair and service. It was a 21st birthday present from my parents so it's worth a bit, too. Not looking forward to getting the bill as I just told them to go ahead
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    About ten years ago i used to buy & sell Rolexes when the market was healthy and i used a genuine Rolex shop for the overhauls which made the watch like brand new again and cost a little under what you have been quoted. To sell a Swiss automatic you need a service history which if you get done elsewhere is worthless.
    Horror stories of Rolexes being serviced and coming out with fake internals.

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    Yep ,that sounds about right as RD says.
    Woodsmoke you might want to consider going through your household insurance. Dropped my watch on floor , broke glass. The Swiss manufacture changed everything , dial hands it went on. They won't let faulty goods out. I could have got new watch for what they charged the insurance.

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    Just had my quartz watch battery replaced and the watch seal replaced and pressure tested for 52 pound at Debenhams. As RED-DOT says you need an official service record to sell on a Rolex plus if the service is botched it will cost much more. Probably sacrilege but check out this watch on Amazon. You can get 4 of them with change for every "service" of your watch.ORIENT deep MAKO Automatic professional Diver watch

    I was considering changing the bezel insert on my watch.... now I am talking about just the aluminium numbered ring insert not the whole bezel on my Heuer 1000 dive watch. The official part was available at 120 pounds. The watch cost me 110 pounds in 1986! I laughed and declined the insert! The guy then told me they are available on e bay for 12 pounds.
    I guess it depends how much you like watches. I was a professional diver for 20 years and my watch let me down many times ended up using dive computers and Casios. Seal teams like the Casios for a reason.

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    My 1954 omega from my grandfather had been used as a work-watch by my father and was banged up badly. Had Omega restore it, completely clean the face and re-finish the hands, new crystal glass and polish the frame to a perfect finish. Nice new leather strap and all in it was around 650.

    My newer Omega seamaster from the early 2000's is about 200 every 4 to 5 years for a new battery, and that's something which I find a bit over the top TBH.

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    I had to buy a new left hand for Mickey on my watch, and the girl in the Disney store wernt much help either. On a seriuos note i found that TAG have been ok to deal with when ive needed to get new batteries etc.
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    I photograph luxury watches all the time but I'm afraid 450 would be my purchasing budget rather than a repair bill!

    The expensive ones usually feel way too heavy, fragile & temperamental for me.

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