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Thread: scope mounted lamp

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    scope mounted lamp

    Hi could anyone recommend me a lamp for mounting on my scope, I am thinking of a t67 what are your thoughts on this and would it fits a 34mm scope tube.

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    very big and heavy IMO

    I have a T50 from CushtyMush and it lights up further than I am willing to shoot in the dark
    TBH my T20 sits on my .22, .222 and I even had it on my 300WM

    It will easily chuck a beam 175-200yds
    Through an 8x50 (4-14x50 on the 300) you can easily ID and take aim on a fox sized target at that range

    I use one of the cheap eBay scope mounts that has a short rail and a stadard picatinny scope ring
    most tubes are 1"

    T20 looks like this on the .22:

    T50 needs to be mounted further back on a slightly higher ring

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    I agree with ed

    the to 20 is great, I have a t50 with red/green and white and ir pills, its all I will ever need, apart from wanting a t20 ir as a back up.


    ps: I think with the bigger head units are very heavy and difficult to hold them on the rifle as the tube is not 12 but not as big as a 30mm mount.
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    I have the XSearcher which is effectively the same light. I also have a a 34mm scope but I haven't found a mount to use! saying that I haven't really looked. So I would be interested aswell....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ack Imp View Post
    I have the XSearcher which is effectively the same light. I also have a a 34mm scope but I haven't found a mount to use! saying that I haven't really looked. So I would be interested aswell....
    NcStar Mark III Tactical Scope Adapter/Weaver Base/34mm (MRD34) | eBay

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    I use a T67 with the Red "pill" which mounts on the scope using one of the 2 piece mounts shown below. I have no experience of the T50 so can not offer any sort of a comparison but what I can say is that the T67 with the red pill offers me a far greater range with positive quarry identification than I care to shoot at - I can easily identify a fox at 300 yards+ but I chose not to take anything on while lamping beyond 200 yards, but that's my personal choice!
    I have used it on both my .22LR for "Bunny Bashing" (With the zoom backed off towards the flood setting) and on my .270 for foxing and can not fault it. OK, it might well be a little heavier than the T50 (I'm not sure what the weight difference is between them) but when on either the .22LR or the .270 I really don't notice that much difference in weight when carrying either rifle - I ought to add that my .270 is fitted with a T8 so it is quite heavy anyhow.
    Personally I can't fault the T67 as it does every thing that I want from a scope mounted lamp and more! Maybe someone who has both the T50 and the T67 could offer a realistic "hands on" comparison between the two for you.
    Just as a foot note: I was out a couple of nights ago with a friend who has a 240 hand held lamp and straight away realised how advantagous these scope mounted "torches" are and I realised straight away that I would never want to go back to using anything like a scope mounted 140 or the likes with a heavy battery to carry and a wire dangling to get caught on gates, fences and hedges!
    Pictured below is the sort of scope mount that I use with the T67 without any problems-cheap, easy to fit and does the job well, plus it is also versatile enough to hold the T67 below the bottom barrel of my O/U 12 bore if I ever decided to use the shotgun for any reason after dark:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my olight m3x, mounted with a mount from hennie haynes-think it's a sportsmatch, easy enough to find on their site. It's a great torch, very powerfull, I got a kit with 2 filters, rechargeable batteries and charger, and a pressure pad, it was around 100. Easy to find on eBay. Several friends have them, a mate who is a factor provides them to keepers. I use it daily at work, when walking the dog, out ducking and wildfowling and had it for a few years and still looking good. Great bit of kit.

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    As mentioned the t67 is a large lamp , I use the same clamp as frenchieboy and the beam and clarity for me is top draw. I also bought the t50 and this IMHO is perfect size and beam throw , I personaly think you can't fault either and sub 200. Its purely down to aesthetics and if being honest the t50 is the answer. On a similar vein I ordered. T67 with a red and white pill however, I have just bought a t67 frame only that only takes a single battery , its half the length of the standard and thinking it will make a great hand held lamp to scan with ,

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