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Thread: Something to watch out for while waiting in an open high seat

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    Something to watch out for while waiting in an open high seat

    I was out on Tuesday in a high seat covering a swathe of ploughed over ground which is still full of corn kernels from the last harvest that is being hammered by the boar here on a nightly basis at the moment, conditions were 6 inches of snow with a frozen surface on the ground and a light freezing fog.
    I heard the football team marching out to graze (no joke, it is the carneval time here and there is a risk of getting lost drunks walking around in the forest, anyway it sounded just like a military march), I turned to them and could see pretty clearly the eight group sounder feeding away so I turned the Kahles 7x56 equipped springfield 30-06 around ready to shoot and voila = the lenses were frozen over and I could not see anything, the whole rifle was soaked from condensation, it took me ten minutes of polishing to get any vision at all but it was still minimal and I managed to take a 30kg ueberlaufer with a heart shot - it only went 40 metres and surprise, the rest of them just slowly trotted away.
    Never had a scope freeze over on me before.
    Time to put some old socks over the ends.

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    Pretty cold there Martin, anyway WMH.

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    OHH Argghhh.
    But the liver and filet were very tasty yesterday.
    I was out at the same place last night with the same conditions and the socks do work.

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    Sounds fun, although sitting in a high seat waiting in freezing fog possibly not so. I have had a scope fill up with snow before now. One very good reason to have open sights as well, with the scope in a detachable mount - open sights work well in cold wet weather.

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    Yes to iron sights.
    I can remove the little 2.5x Leupold or Burris 2-7x35mm and put them into a coat pocket to keep the snow off, or a larger one in a leather case around my neck and under my coat while climbing rough terrain.

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    All my good quality gear have detachable mounts, but due to the weather conditions I was using the fixed mount NRA match Springfield 06 gifted to me by by dear departed pal from South Carolina, it shoots very straight and has some slight roughness to the bluing only on the barrel so is less of a worry to me to use as I will not cause more damage.

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    1903 salute to you!
    From South Carolina.

    I understand. i have 4 sporters, 2 with fixed scope mounts, 2 with detachable.
    One was a match rifle / sniper ( Vietnam), the other a sniper ( WWII) then with replacement stock.

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    It was gifted to me in Walhalla, SC but he passed on Jan 2010 there is a coincidence.

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    I can see why you don't want to change anything about your 1903.

    Good gun store on main street in Walhalla. I ordered my Steyr 7x64 the way I wanted it through them. Other dealers were wanting to sell me what was in inventory.

    Is your 1903 a nicely sporterized one from pre- or post-WWII, or an older NRA or Springfield Sporter, or a military model?

    I got my start on boar hunting just north of Walhalla, years ago. I love to camp and hunt the mountains above Lake Jocassee. Those boar came from Bavaria, in 1893, and escaped from a fenced preserve in North Carolina.
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