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Thread: Compressed loads

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    Compressed loads

    Hi guys, have any of you ever used a compressed load where the powder fills the case completely. This is a Vihtavuori recommended maximum load of 69.9gr N165 in a .270 Norma case for 100gr bullets. I used a straw to help drop the powder into the case as I was having trouble getting it all in. I'm not planning on loading this in the near future but just wondered how compressed some of your loads are with slow burning powders. In case you're wondering, I'm not planning on starting with this max load.

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    I tried getting Muir's recommended hornet load of lilgun into an rws case and it looked like an ice cream cone!!! - still shot ok though.

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    Well, the data says N165 will give really good velocity. I'll report back when I get the chance to try it out. I'm going to try it behind 110gr GS Custom's if the recommended faster burning powder doesn't work out.

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    Is this a .270 Win load in Norma brass?
    If so, it requires so much powder because that is too slow a powder for a 100-gr bullet.
    You can get 3,500 fps from
    54.0 gr RL-15
    57.0 gr W-760 or H-414
    60.0 gr 4350
    54.0 gr Varget
    50.0 gr VV N-150

    and a more accurate load if you back off 2 grains and 100 fps from each of those.

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    Yes, it's a .270 Winchester. Thanks for the recommendations - I do have faster burning IMR4320 (Specifically for the drive band copper bullets), but just thought I'd also try the N165 because I have some. It's right up at the top velocity wise in the Lee manual so there can't be any harm in trying it.

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    How much velocity do you "need"?

    I don't load the .270 that hot. Right now, I am getting ready to load some 110-gr HPBT match bullets for the 6.8mm AR-15, for my .270s, for practice rounds, hoping to find accuracy somewhere around normal 130-gr rounds, about 3,000 to 3,100 fps.

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    Hi, I just want to see what velocity I can get. The maximum recommended velocity for the 110gr GS Custom's is 3475 fps with IMR4320 - will just work up the load and see where we get to. I don't see the point in not getting the best velocity I can out of these copper bullets, as meat damage is not meant to be an issue with them at high velocities. And if I can get a flatter shooting, more wind defying round, I'll be happy. That said, I don't "need" any of this, it's just good fun in itself.

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    If you have IMR-4320, start at 46.5 (3,150 fps) and work up to 50.5 (3,375 fps).

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    Thanks, Southern. The start load recommended by GS Custom for their 110 gr HV bullet is 51 gr due to the lower pressures that these drive band bullets run at. Their max recommended velocity is 3475 (24" barrel). I will work up towards that and see what I get. Have a look at their website if you've never heard of these bullets GS Custom Bullets - Designed in South Africa - Proven on the toughest game on the planet.

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