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Thread: A Good stalk in the New Forest

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    A Good stalk in the New Forest

    I had arranged to meet Charly "shavesgreen" at 5:30 am at his place so set the alarm for 4:50 am as I was staying a 15 minuet drive away. Didn't bank on having to de-ice the car before setting off but luckily I had some de-icer in the boot. Was a very fresh crisp morning after a night of heavy rain. Got to Charly's at 5:25 and he was outside having a smoke while the truck was warming up. Got my gear out of the car and into the truck as quietly as possible as not to disturb his neighbors, and we set off for the short drive to one of his permissions.

    So we were on site well before first light and a short walk up the lane then crossed a fence and small water filled ditch, time to unslip the .270 loaded up closed the bolt and safety on then we were off. My first thoughts were bugger me this ground is very wet but a little crunchy under foot, a thin layer if ice had formed over the sodden ground. Slowly we made our way across the first field stopping occasionally to glass the area for our quarry. Got to the first gateway through to the next field and it was all I could do to stay on my feet in the slurry under foot. I had visions of falling arse over tit in the dark slippery unfamiliar terran. Charly stopped to glass this field as I stood just behind him slowly sinking, well there was no quiet way out of this "shhlup" and my foot with muckboot still attached (just) was free and I thought well that's every fallow within 500 yards alerted to our presents.

    It was starting to get a little lighter now as we arrived at a closed 5 bar steel gate, we crossed the gate and made our way through a 20 or so bit of wood. Charly said "get on your sticks we have 3 Fallow in front" Well as I removed the rifle from my shoulder to the sticks the bloody bipod caught up on my hood for a second this set the group moving. Luckily the ran to the bottom of the field some 100 yards away, "Take the first one one the right, he won't stand there long" was my instruction from Charly, cross hairs on the beast safety off squeeze "good shot well done he's down" meanwhile I am cycling the bolt in case a follow up was needed but looking at the beast on the ground there was no need. His 2 companions had moved a few hundred yards so Charly suggested we move up the top edge of the field along the tree line to try for a second beast. No joy as we got to our vantage point the remaining 2 jumped the fence and disappeared into the Forest. He said we should stand fast with rifle on sticks at the ready as it was a popular spot for deer to cross into the Forest, but it wasn't to be and after some 20 minuets it was decided that Just the one would be our mornings quota.
    Now for the drag, 100 yards up a slight incline but he was a big old boy and by the time we had it to the fence line we had both worked up a bit of a sweat. It was now just light enough to take some photos of me and my Buck, as we were discussing starting the gralock Charly says "get your rifle on the sticks we have company" well the rifle was on the bipod on the ground and sticks were lying down there too, a bit of a fluster I got myself ready to see about 7 Fallow stood 120 or so yards in front of us with 4 or 5
    nice size heads amongst them. Again my instruction as to which beast I was to try and take was given and a few seconds later my second beast was down. Now the group were still in range spread between 100 and 150 yards away but were a little jittery, there was a very nice Buck in the group and Charley gave the instruction that if a safe shot presented itself to take this as my third beast if I wished. Of course I wished "bloody daft question" by now I was nearly as jittery as the remaining Fallow, I had my next Buck in the scope but the only place he stopped long enough for a shot he was sky lined then that was it they broke away and disappeared to the bottom corner over the fence and into the cover of the Forest.

    Well what a morning, dragged the second beast back to the first took a few more pics and started the gralock. I was extremely happy with my bag shame about the one that got away but I am one very happy client. Charly really knows his stuff and gave me exactly what I went for some nice Fallow Bucks. A quick cuppa back at charly's before heading back to the Hotel and the 170 miles drive home grinning all the way.

    Thank you Charly for a morning I will not forget in a while

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    Nice write up and what a morning!

    Well done bud.

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    well done, I enjoyed reading that

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    they are serious Fallow! well done mate!

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