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Thread: 3 "old f4rt values" you regret the passing of

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    3 "old f4rt values" you regret the passing of

    1. Lending a book knowing it will come back pristine with no prompting
    2. Owning a well trained dog
    3. Respecting dead quarry

    And might be just me and OCD but will add. Looking after kit


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    Standing so a woman can sit,
    Holding the door for the next person,
    Arranging a time, then actually being there (early?)

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    i still do all those now,,

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    1. Anything other than tweeds collar & tie on the peg.
    2. The now fashionable competitive angling.
    3. Females now more male than men... Tattoos, drinking pints, smoking rollups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    i still do all those now,,
    And me, but there's a lot that don't, usually the "younger " generation

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    1. Union Flag the correct way up.

    2. Gentlemans Agreements.

    3.Mates helping each other out.

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    The use of correct grammar

    The employment of decent manners and courtesy

    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    Proper pronunciation on TV (not referring to accents)
    Civility and manners rather than 'chav culture'...
    and all of the above!

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    Saying "Good Morning" to strangers

    a good firm handshake

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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