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Thread: Reloading set-up budget

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    Reloading set-up budget

    Anyone got an idea of a ball park figure of what kind of budget Id be looking at to set up a complete home reloading set-up RCBS , Chrono etc .
    Any constructive advice would be appreciated.

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    Why not start off using something like the Lee Challenger kit & build up from there? For one calibre you could get fully set-up (including components, powder, etc) for well under 300
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    hi Mick give us a bell if you need any 1 to 1 help 07879468878
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    Quote Originally Posted by NEMESIS View Post
    Anyone got an idea of a ball park figure of what kind of budget Id be looking at to set up a complete home reloading set-up RCBS , Chrono etc .
    Any constructive advice would be appreciated.
    Mick you have already mentioned RCBS and a chrony so you are setting constraints on a ball park figure.

    In my opinion if you forget about both and think on the lines of -
    1. Absolute minimalist kit such as a Lee hammer loadall system then you can get going with only 50 worth of kit.
    2. Minimal amount of kit but with a serviceable press system less than 200.
    3. Better quality kit that will last a lifetime then around the 350 -400 mark. You will then probably add to this over a period of time.
    4. The sky's the limit if you want top knotch kit.

    Like I said these are only ball park figures and you will still need to buy reloading components which will cost the same whatever route you take. If you are starting from scratch get someone experienced to show you how they do it and give Spud a ring as he will guide you in the right direction without bending you over a reloading bench and taking advantage of you.

    P.S. Buy a good reloading manual and read that first so at least you understand the equipment involved, or simply pick up a Lee catalouge which is free from gunshops as this has some very good pictures in it that will explain the process. Thenwhen you have decided how much you want to spend compare prices in something like the Gun Mart magazine.
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    Have you considered secondhand/used bits and pieces? That will certainly cut your costs
    I found lots of bits on SD and loads of good advice from members

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    I'm sure I spent more buying used bits separately rather than just getting the lee kit. Probably want a kinetic hammer as well.

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    Oh and I've some spare dies, what are you reloading for?

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    Probably just under 300 for a Lee breech lock loading kit, Reloading Manual, Dies, F1 Chrony.

    Or you could start out with a Lee loader and necessary sundries for just over 50.

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    as has been said already, from lee loader (hit with a hammer jobby) which produces incredibly good ammo for the crudeness of the system.... all in with some basic digital scales, 100.
    Then equally, the sky really is the limit if you go up into presses and accessories, you will invariably find there are gadgets you can't live without (honestly, that's what I tell the wife) and you can spend as much as you like, the kits are great, but you might find there are components you don't need or use, or that you want to upgrade fairly quickly, personally I would buy separate components and add to them over time. you see plenty of decent second hand presses and dies coming up on here regularly, the rest (in comparison) is relative small fry in terms of .
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    Give Mark(1967spud) a call, ive used him several times. he's a top chap, very helpful and knowledgeable.
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