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Thread: Optics , quality vs technology

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    Optics , quality vs technology

    I'm currently toying with the idea of replacing my minox bins with some swaro or zeiss . I justify this by telling myself they'll be the last pair I buy for a very long time . But - do you think the optic quality in zeiss etc will mean they will in 15 years still be better than the then current mid range offering ?
    Head scratcher !

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    Quality never goes out of fashion.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes, 6 years ago I had a top of the range pair of Zeiss and Leica on SOR, also I had an old pair of Zeiss Jenas (75) from Argos in the 80's to compare. Optically little to choose but ergonomics and other features have moved on a long way. I choose the Leicas, and to this day it feels very strange putting them in the sink to wash them.

    Minox are excelent, however if you do get very good bins then you need a scope to match them.

    However all change now that digital scopes are available so dusk/dawn is not so much an issue. I clearly remember on eve seeing a fox in my bins but was uable to do so through the scope.

    I don't regrett buying my Leica HD's but the newer versions are pretty state of art and have moved to another level in technology with the removable mini sd card.

    Big money but clearly the best you can buy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Quality never goes out of fashion.

    ....if you decide at some point to sell, then you'll find quality glass will always retain it's value.
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    if you decide to sell pm me with a price for the minox please, atb doug,

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    Thanks guys , appreciate the opinions . I'm using Schmidt scopes and one Leupold so quite good glass on the rifles .

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    I'm not sure. I personally feel that optics have come on to the point that there is only so much more that can be done with light transmission and coatings etc. I'm not sure that really top glass from say, 40 years ago, is a long way behind today's offerings. A case in point was my fathers zeiss, to my eyes they had a yellow cast to the image, but were very sharp with good light gathering and a pleasant field of view. I know that casings and technology have come on somewhat, but having been in the same position recently, I genuinely feel that in a true test, with makers names obscured so that only the ergonomics and view were at stake, there might be some surprises. Of course that does not take into account customer service, warranty, etc etc.

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    You can't beat quality that's for sure but I doubt glass quality has changed much over the years only the quality of coatings and perhaps more precision in grinding the lenses, wish S&B made binoculars.

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    I still use my fathers Zeiss Diaylt 10x40 binoculars that he purchased new 30 or so years ago.
    They are still great glass to look through and better than any other mid range binoculars I have looked through.
    I have considered replacing them before but I don't see any big advantage in doing so.
    Buy yourself great glass and enjoy them, you only live once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuck1 View Post
    I genuinely feel that in a true test, with makers names obscured so that only the ergonomics and view were at stake, there might be some surprises. .
    This bloke did something along those lines and there were indeed some surprises. He was very thorough but unfortunately was only looking at "tactical" type scopes for long range so his priorities were different from ours. However, it is probably the best conducted scope test I've ever seen and we should be looking for more of this:

    Tactical Scopes: Optical Performance Part 1 |

    Also I know it is a rather long test but it is worth reading as much of it as possible to understand the things he had to do to get it right, and just how incorrect the marketing blurb for many of the scopes was. One of the "stand out" errors was that S&B were claiming 27 times magnification for one of their scopes but it was giving only 22.4 times magnification.

    As expected Zeiss come out top purely on optical performance but I was surprised as to how close the old S&B was to them. In terms of the question put by the OP, well the old S&B did very well indeed in the optical tests and the new S&B scope put in a rather below average performance! I've no idea what that tells us but sometimes marketing and magazine adverts plus gadgets and "features" can, in my view, take over from actual quality of engineering and when you read this site that seems to reflect consumer demand.
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