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Thread: 6.5x284 barrel.

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    6.5x284 barrel.

    Dear all

    I have a spare barrel for sale as per the title.

    This barrel is off one of my Stiller Predator actions and is surplus to requirements.

    Spec as follows:

    Chambered in 6.5 x 284 win (.292 nk).

    Border (Archer) barrel in their S3 profile which they class (or classed) as medium Mauser sporter profile.

    8.5 twist and measures 1.26" at the shank and .716" at the muzzle. Finished at 24" in length and threaded M15x1 spigotted.

    Chambered and fitted my Redmist. Round count is 120 and I'm looking for 300 for it.

    Pictures to follow. Please PM only if interested.

    100 yard group:

    300 yard group (red circle is 2" in diameter):

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    Crikey, must of been windy that day!!

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    is it short throated Winchester reamer cut or long throated norma?

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