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Thread: Police Scotland - turnaround time for first application?

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    Police Scotland - turnaround time for first application?

    Just about to drop my FAC application in the post and wondered if anyone has recent experience of how long I should expect things to take. It's Glasgow-area so handled at Pitt Street I presume.

    It's taken me ages to get everything lined up for my application so I've no right to be impatient now but just wonder when I might know if I'm able to start shopping!



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    No experience of Glasgow, but Tayside turned mine around inside 3 weeks
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    My boyfriend applied for his first FAC in mid September...... Been approved etc but still not arrived.


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    Police Scotland due to restructuring (read budget cuts) are now so understaffed and backlogged, even a 1 for 1 takes 3-4 months. I wouldn't be surprised if you're looking at 6+ months tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pietasvenatores View Post
    I wouldn't be surprised if you're looking at 6+ months tbh.
    Bloody hell! Looks like it might be quicker to move to Tayside!!

    I had heard this to be honest although was hoping I might have misheard...

    More time to save the cash I suppose!

    Thanks for the replies.

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    A few years ago when it was still all seperate depts the L&B firearms boy phoned me about a 1st application SG|C for somone and he sort of said they are generally put to the bottom of the pile as there is no deadline or hurry the same way there is with a renewal

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    Central Scotland used to give you a call three months ahead but their service has improved greatly since my last renewal and i expect the renewal will have streamlined also. I'm three months away and no word yet
    They are now a pleasure to deal with.

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    I have just had a variation for a .270 (not a one for one) processed by Central Scotland in under Four weeks.
    no problems. The firearms officer was very helpful. 10 out of 10 For central.

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    central Scotland Tilly office. renewal from start to finnish 3 weeks, great job.

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    My mate put his ticket in before Xmas and is still waiting , he has been promised it for this Friday but if it doesn't arrive he will have to wait at least another 2 weeks as the licensing department at Pitt street is moving to an new location at Dalmarnock and will be shut for the 2 weeks , he has been advised to complain and fully intends to do so

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