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Thread: How do you use your dog?

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    How do you use your dog?

    Despite not owning my own deer dog (something I shall remedy soon) I love to stalk with them. I've stalked with quite a few guys who do use dogs, and their seems to be two schools of thought as to what to do with them, some leave them in the truck/house and fetch them if neccisary, and tothers take them out with them for the whole hunt, using them both to "find" the deer to present a shot, and then to track it post shot.

    So what do you do? And why?


    Oh, if you do something different again then please shove it on.
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    I have a 5 month old Bavarian and have recently started to take him out with me. He has had no heel work training but walks either just behind me or just in front. If I stop he sits or lies and stays alert constantly scenting the wind. He stays calm on shot and there is no whining or other noise.

    I believe this is a learning curve for him but also for me. When walking in front (which I prefer) he is very alert stopping as he goes scenting the wind and hopefully I can work at my side of the partnership to understand what he is telling me.

    I am of the opinion that if you have a dedicated deer dog he/she should be out there with you and not having the additional hassle of having to go back to a vehicle if the dog is required.

    The breeding of these dogs for purpose is exceptional.

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    Hi i have a 2 1/2 year old HWV bich and a 8 month old dog pup of her i now take them bothe with me .He is alot more steady than her and found his first deer shot on the hill last sat morrning made up with him...cheers Neil

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    In truth you don’t need a dog very often to track deer maybe not even 1 in 10 deer you shoot, unless you are a particularly poor or undisciplined shot.

    There for 95% of your dog's work will be indicating unseen deer, having your very own “deer radar” can be a real aid over some types of terrain.

    Just make sure your dog is properly trained. Before you take it stalking it must walk to heel, drop to hand commands, drop to shot and not run in, and allow you to “go forward” while it sits quietly.



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    I have the same dog, my dog knows that if I put the 12mtr lead on it it is going to do a job, I stalk, the dog finds a deer that has run 60/70 mtrs in the wood to save time when you have clients you will use your dog more and it will know the lead means blood and a deer, not just deer running in the wood.

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    As long as the weather is ok i.e. not too hot the dogs stay in the car and I will alwys go back to get the car as close to the animal as possible so I am not having to carry it too far. so irespective of whetehr or not I know where the animal lies the dogs will get too find it.


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    90% of my deer run, usually into thick conifer plantations. I am colour blind and cannot see a blood trail, so my dog is essential. In fact I could not stalk without him.

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    I take mine with me most of the time unless i am stalking within the city boundrys and in or near peoples gardens. He is an asset as Thar says he will wind and alert me to deer that only he know are there great in thick cover (learn to read your dogs actions.) He dont drop to shot and dont drop to hand commands but he dose walk at my side and he will sit when a put the rifle on the sticks he will stay for as long as i want and for me that is all you need nothing more the senting part will come naturally if you shoot plrnty of deer.

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    My munster is a year old now and generally he goes with me unless im stalking woodland and i just want to creep around then he stays at home but i'm never more than hour from home should i need him but touch wood i''ve not needed him yet,if i'm out walking about i tend to keep him on the lead at the minute as he can be bit of unruly but he's getting better all the time still a big pup at the moment.

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    The problem i see for the dogs that are left behind some times you need a dog that will go and get the deer straight away if it gut or legs and if he is down but out of sight a two hour round trip to get your dog will have the deer suffering for long periods and more than likely in the summer the carcase will be for the bin. ( being scottish we dont like waist ha ha )

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