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Thread: Shot case very sooty

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    Shot case very sooty

    I have 6.5x55 and I've shot 100+ of this round same brass, heads, grains etc so changed nothing and it's just started to get very sooty around the spent case. I cleaned the rifle barrel and the chamber but this hasn't improved the situation. Aim and velocity are just the same, any ideas?


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    I've had this very same problem on my 6.5x55 and will be updating my main post tomorrow.

    Are you full length resizing or neck sizing as I found the problem happened mostly on the full length resized cases that I tested yesterday.
    Also how many times have you loaded the cases as the necks may need annealing

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    Just neck sizing so tried full length again no change i.e. No worse or better? Cases been loaded about 6 times, lapua cases

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    Lapua are hard as nails
    6 times is most likely well work hardened

    get them annealed

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    how old is the rifle? how many rounds through?

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    Anneal the cases. The problem is the brass is not sealing in the chamber as the neck/shoulder area of brass has lost its elasticity. Annealing should cure the problem, then F/L resize to correct headspace dimensions. Re-anneal approx 3-4 firings. The brass should then last for a considerable time.
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    Thanks guys I'll try that.

    PKL - rifle is 3yrs old sako 85 Finn lite and shot less than 500 rounds

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