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Thread: Hello from Dorset

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    Hello from Dorset

    Hello all, Just joined the site as my interest in stalking is growing. Spent all my life shooting to a modest extent being rural Estate based. Helped on shoots in many ways with pest control, high seat foxes and lamping for fox and rabbits etc. but also shoot a little with my day job. Achieved DSC1 in '06 and have done a little stalking for Roe mainly, both woodland and open ground. Looking to increase my stalking now. Other outdoor activity is mainly boat fishing, running a fast fisher out of Christchurch for over ten years. Really enjoy the trip planning and skippering.

    To add Calibres
    .22 LR
    .22-250 load developed and home loading.
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thank you John,

    Looking forward to making a contribution to the forum and learning from the wealth of knowledge and experience here. Would be great to meet a few new faces along the way too.

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    Hello mate - good to have you on board.

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    Thank you again for the welcome, much appreciated.
    There is so much to read here so if I'm slow to respond please be patient. Already picked up the usual forum 'differance of opinions' stuff ! Entertaining at best but I hope not to get drawn into who's right or wrong brawling, too long in the tooth for that. Suffice to say I can agree to differ on many levels, and courteously in the main.

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    Hi there

    Live in Christchurch myself. Often fancied a little boat fishing. Catching fish and talking deer sounds like a good day out.

    Welcome to the site


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    Hi Wedger,

    Welcome, another Dorset member here (Ferndown)
    I've been out a few times in the Solent from Hythe, great memories.

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    Well there's a response guys (fabnosh and freshface). perhaps we should talk then guys and at least discuss over a shurburt. Happy to exchange sporting days. PM me to have a chat. TY

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