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Thread: Attacked by pack of dogs

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    Attacked by pack of dogs

    Last Saturday i was shooting in Bishops Wood Selby ,i had my dog tethered to the side of me and was well away from any public footpath. i noticed 3 Rottweilers walking in the distance unleashed with the owners walking behind within a split second all three turned and came running over to attack my dog ,i had a loaded shotgun which i put to the floor and attempted to get the dogs off after a while the situation was under control leaving my dog bruised and shaken ,i requested the owners details who declined and made off . i have had this recorded as a crime with North Yorkshire Police
    What advice from fellow members that is legal could i have done better ?Also does anybody know of anyone walking three Rottweilers
    in the above area ,please forward details to NYPolice

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    you were one of the many that day, all shooting at birds 80 plus yards up?
    I live next to the wood, will ask around.

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    Always difficult to ask for opinion on what to do in a high pressure/emotional situation as you were the only one that was there and you reacted in the way you saw fit. Sure you will get many opinions, however, from shoot the dogs to follow people back to car and everything in between. You dealt with the situation your way and in a way that you felt was appropriate.

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    blond woman was it?

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    I have a 3 shot semi auto they would not have made contact with my dog and im not joking

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    A large can of pepper spray would have gone down well..

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    Would have feared for my life and shot all 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    Would have feared my life and shot all 3
    yes, I know and I might too , but.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    A large can of pepper spray would have gone down well..
    Not sure if dogs would be susceptible to pepper spray. CS spray doesn't affect them although any liquid sprayed in their face has a deterrent effect. Not something you immediately think of putting in the jacket pocket when out shooting though.

    If your dog was in real danger, I would say that it would be reasonable for you to protect it (your property) by whatever means available and that may well include lethal force on those dogs. But I think to have put aside your shotgun and tackled things without it shows good sense. I hope the dogs owners identity is discovered and she pays for it.

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    Thank you for all your comments it looks like we may have discovered the identity of the dogs owner i will keep you informed of how things go,i did speak to serving dog handler who advised to go for the back legs to pull the dogs away as this takes all the power away from the legs
    i do not ever want to be in that position again !

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