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Thread: Shotgun Question

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    Shotgun Question

    A friend of mine owns a sec 2 Berretta Extrema with a 3.5 " chamber and has found that he can load 3 2.5" cartridges in the magazine plus 1 in the chamber.This gun is unmodified so are Berretta/Winchester etc guilty of selling sec 1 weapons without proper authority and the owner of holding a illegal firearm ? Your thoughts please.

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    There's probably a lot of guns where you can "squeeze" in an extra cartridge. It's a can of worms.
    Don't is the answer I think.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    It's fine, it's designed for 3.5" cartridges in the magazine and one in the chamber, and that's what it takes. The fact that you can shove more shorter cartridges in there is by-the-by. All 3.5" semi-autos have this feature as far as I know.

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    nothing to worry about
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    Thats exactly the advice I gave my friend don't- However interesting theat the manufacturers did not think to warn owners in the manual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    However interesting that the manufacturers did not think to warn owners in the manual.
    Well it's not dangerous to do so, so there's no reason for them to warn buyers, as opposed to the opposite situation. And they're unlikely to open themselves to legal difficulties by warning people that it may not quite be legal. Actually you can be certain that they took legal advice before introducing these guns to the UK market. It's not like Beretta can't live without us.

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    Very true pm -btw good luck tomorrow mate.

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    According to my FEO that is an illegal shotgun. She tried four in mine but couldn't get the last one to load so mine is legal. Beretta did let some slip through the net and if yours can load four you are breaking the law according to her. She carries four dummy rounds just for this problem and a gun that can load four will be taken off you.
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    They should be limited by the cartridge it is chambered for, it is trust in us that stops us loading extra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    Very true pm -btw good luck tomorrow mate.
    Saturday actually, but thanks nonetheless! I haven't shot a deer now since March 2014 and it would be nice to end what I think of as my shooting season on a high. Plus that single muntjac mount on the wall is just looking really lonely now. It needs a Chinese friend. My freezer is now almost totally devoid of game too, there's just a single forlorn pheasant in there. And this is my last chance to try my homeloads with my exotic DL1 bullets on UK deer. So watch this space after I return on Sunday!

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