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Thread: Anyone used this butchers kit before?

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    Anyone used this butchers kit before?

    I'm looking to get a knife set for my larder and seen this which seems decent value.

    Complete Knife Set for Processing Game - Butchers knife Set

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them?


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    No experience of them so can only go off the info in the add. Personally I wouldn't expect them to be much good. The cleaver is almost certainly very lightweight.
    Just had a quick look on Scobies site.
    I'd suggest just getting a 5" or 6" straight boner and a 10" wide tip /scimitar profile steak knife, add a skinning knife that suits and a 10 or 12" bone saw and your fine. On a deer you'll rarely need a cleaver and light ones are next to useless anyway. Either saw through the bone or place the wide tip of steak knife where you want to cut and tap back of blade with a 'mallet' of some form.
    Victorinox are a decent mid range quality. Staniforth are another decent work horse blade.

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    It looks ok but I would be interested to see the quality? The other question I would ask is whether or not you can get blades for the saw easily as it looks quite a bit smaller than a standard bone saw. It doesn't include a blunt tipped tripe knife or a scabbard as far as I can see, both of these are very useful.

    I know its convenient to buy a package like this but I bet you could get better items if bought individually from Moonraker knives or somewhere similar. The price of individual knives, steel and scabbard is not too bad but a proper bone saw bumps the cost up.

    I'm a bit pushed for time but later I will list the items that I use.

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    RDG beat me too it and I agree with what he says.

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    Thanks chaps I have a scabbard and small tripe knife and currently use an average, but sharp, fillet knife so may well just need a decent boner (ooer Mrs!!) and a 10" steak knife. I'm not really sure if I'd use a saw very much as I tend to de-bone everything but could always add that on!

    I'm wondering now if Rob's (Monarch) knives are ok as I've had a few things off him and like to keep guys on here ticking along!?

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    From a quick look on Robs site the straight edged 12" Granton steak knife and a Mora 5" narrow straight boner should do you fine. Personally I'm not so keen on the Mora boning knives but they are perfectly serviceable tools.
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    Thanks for the help mate
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    Can't say for sure,but it appears to be too cheap to be decent quality, a decent bone saw such as a kam lok is over£60 on its own, probably depends on how many deer you are going to butcher if only an odd deer it may do.

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    Saw is handy for splitting a carcase, a butcher might use a cleaver to split them but unless you are experienced you will make a tidier job with a bone saw.

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    Plenty of good knives on the market that don't cost a lot. I have a set by Frost that i bought years ago. The skining knife is great for doing boar. There are Dick, Victorinox, Frost and others that do knives to cover all butchery needs at reasonable prices and as Bogtrtter said buy a decent meat saw. I use a teflon coated wood saw that has done many roe ,boar and a couple of moose and still going strong.

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