12 gauge

  1. S

    Sold: Super Lanber 12 gauge O/U

    Hi all, for sale is a 12 gauge Super Lanber. 28" barrels, single trigger, ejector, multi-choke. It's a mechanically perfect gun that's been used but well cared for. Gunsmith serviced two years ago, been used twice since then. Some marks on stock and wear to bluing to be expected with normal...
  2. tjm160

    Sold: Hatsan Arms Escort Magnum 3-Shot Semi-auto 12 Gauge (latest model) Shotgun Package

    Hatsan Arms Escort Magnum 3-Shot Semi-auto 12 Gauge Multi-choke (latest model with external chokes) Shotgun package, including sling, slip, cleaning kit, ~200 6-shot cartridges and bags, £200 please, no offers. Purchased in September 2013 after PX'ing my Browning 525 towards a .243, just to...
  3. E

    Making an introduction

    Hi there fellow shooters My name is Edward, I am based in South Yorkshire and I enjoy game shooting for wildfowl and birds - both driven and walked up. I have not been doing this for long but have had the pleasure of a few driven shoots I shoot with 12 gauge and 20 gauge, don't yet own my own...
  4. Dave88

    Sold: AYA #4 boxlock ejector

    Hi, selling to fund another rifle. This was my dads shotgun but he gave his certificates up a while ago and I've just never really used it. I'm pretty sure it is a #4 but happy to be corrected. 12 gauge Ejector 25inch barrels, Looking about at what others are going for I'm looking for £250...