16 bore

  1. For Sale: 16-bore cartridges

    I've got a number of boxes of 16-bore game cartridges, going for a song or a decent bottle of red. Located in South-Norfolk
  2. For Sale: 16 bore cartridges

    I've sold my 16-bore and have no more need for the cartridges. 7 unopened boxes of the CRC and a bag of various - bag NOT included. £5 per box/25. I'm in South Norfolk near Wymondham.
  3. Sold: John Dickson 16-bore side-by-side

    Hi, I'm selling my John Disckson 16-bore. This shotgun is identified in the Dickson and MacNaughton ledger as manufactured on 7th July 1909, and is a "Fine Double A & D hammerless Ejector 16 bore gun with 28" Steel Barrels a 14 & 5/8ths Stock and weighs 5 & 1/2lbs. I have had the bores...