.17 hmr

  1. For Sale: Cz 455 American .17 HMR

    For sale on behalf of friend, as new condition .17 hmr, this gun has fired 16 rounds since new. It comes with 134 rounds of ammo if face to face. He bought 150 with it so guaranteed round count. Owned for less than 2 months but got land passed for .243 so need funds to change. Contact John on...
  2. Sold: Sako Quad .22LR and .17HMR Synthetic Sporter

    EDIT: ONLY .22LR barrel and corresponding magazine still available for £100 Sako Quad Synthetic Sporter, 22LR and 17HMR barrels and 5shot magazines. Typical excellent Sako quality and "feel". Little used but with cosmetic scuffs to stock (mostly from cabinet, I have tried to show this in...
  3. CZ 455 Barrel change

    Morning all, I have a .22 CZ 455 and have read on the CZ website and elsewhere that the barrels are easy to change to another Rimfire calibre. I would like to get a .17 HMR barrel as well. has anyone else tried this please? Are barrels easy to get hold of? Kind regards Steve
  4. Cheap-ish .17 HMR Rifles - Any recommendations?

    I quite fancy getting a .17 HMR rifle for foxes and hares as it's the minimum permitted calibre for both and we have loads of hares on our shoot. I've seen that both Savage and Mossberg do rifles in this calibre at a decent price, but I don't know anyone who actually has one of them. Have any...