.17 hmr

  1. Exporting to Southern Ireland

    Good evening all, due to unforeseen circumstances I am moving back to Southern Ireland later in the month. I have an Anschutz 1517 .17 HMR and a Browning 725 12 bore that I want to take back with me if at all possible. I am bridgwater based, Does anyone know of any dealers in the southwest that...
  2. Foxing on land unsuitable for centrefire?

    Be gentle as I'm an newbie to FAC, so forgive any ignorance. I'm just trying to learn like you all did once. I have a permission which has stables and poultry where I was ratting with my air rifle but they started getting fox problems, which I was invited to address. The land is on the edge of...
  3. CZ 455 Barrel change

    Morning all, I have a .22 CZ 455 and have read on the CZ website and elsewhere that the barrels are easy to change to another Rimfire calibre. I would like to get a .17 HMR barrel as well. has anyone else tried this please? Are barrels easy to get hold of? Kind regards Steve
  4. Cheap-ish .17 HMR Rifles - Any recommendations?

    I quite fancy getting a .17 HMR rifle for foxes and hares as it's the minimum permitted calibre for both and we have loads of hares on our shoot. I've seen that both Savage and Mossberg do rifles in this calibre at a decent price, but I don't know anyone who actually has one of them. Have any...