1. T

    Sold: Cz452 .17hmr

    CZ452 .17HMR all in good working order and good condition nice stock and blueing, screw cut , few marks etc from use but nothing major , comes with 10rnd magazine , arguably better than the CZ455 in many opinions . Looking for £200.00 inc RFD shipping if required. Please PM me.
  2. remmy700

    For Sale: CZ 452 /3 - 17HMR & .22WMR - 10 Shot Magazine - NEW

    CZ 452 /3 - 17HMR & .22WMR - 10 Shot Magazine - NEW Brand New 10 Shot Mag Similar to this http://riflemags.co.uk/cz-10-round-17hmr-22wmr-magazine-452-453/ £22-00 Includes UK Mainland P&P Bank tx preferred.
  3. MikeZZZ

    Sold: WEIHRAUCH HW 60J .17HMR, 14" barrel + SAK moderator

    I have for sale my WEIHRAUCH HW60J in .17HMR with a 14" heavy screw cut barrel with SAK (.22WMR proofed) moderator. I have fired approx 300 rounds through it over the past 2 years and used it mainly for bunny bashing at upto 100yds. Its short barrel makes this an extremely handy little rifle...