1. Intro from a new member

    Hi, New to deer stalking and recently completed DSC1 with the BDS. Based in the Shropshire area and interested in all aspects of stalking and deer management. In the process of applying for a FAC so looking at .308 and 17HMR rifles. Starting to build the gear and will get some dry and live...
  2. Sold: .17HMR CZ455 Thumbhole Laminate

    CZ455 Thumbhole Laminate in very, very good condition that comes with the following: 1 x Hawke 3-9x40 P/A scope 1 x Moderator 1 x 5 rd mag 1 x 10 rd mag 1 x Rifle slip 300 rounds of A Max (almost certainly have a box or 2 of Federal as well) 1 x Cleaning rod and a couple of attachments. I am...