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  1. Sold: .17HMR CZ455 Thumbhole Laminate

    CZ455 Thumbhole Laminate in very, very good condition that comes with the following: 1 x Hawke 3-9x40 P/A scope 1 x Moderator 1 x 5 rd mag 1 x 10 rd mag 1 x Rifle slip 300 rounds of A Max (almost certainly have a box or 2 of Federal as well) 1 x Cleaning rod and a couple of attachments. I am...
  2. Sold: Cz452 .17hmr

    CZ452 .17HMR all in good working order and good condition nice stock and blueing, screw cut , few marks etc from use but nothing major , comes with 10rnd magazine , arguably better than the CZ455 in many opinions . Looking for £200.00 inc RFD shipping if required. Please PM me.
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