1. M

    Sold: Tikka T3 Magazine (308, 243, 22-250 etc)

    5 shot tikka t3 magazine. 308 or derivative calibres (243, 22-250 etc) Good condition £35 posted. Advertised elsewhere
  2. M

    .22-250 home loads

    Afternoon all, I currently use 55grn V-max in my .22-250 howa 1500 20" varmint to great effect on foxes (it is set up as a NV rifle with a photon extreme) just wondered what everyone else uses and your thoughts on the different heads available? Cheers for your time.
  3. A

    Sold: Blaser .22-250 R8 Barrel & Ammo Slot (Brand New)

    Brand new never been used Blaser R8 .22-250 barrel & ammo slot for sale. Just surplus to requirements and never been used, but I cannot justify having an expensive barrel just sitting there. N.B. Been stoved away safely in a classy classic Blaser case, which is lined... PRICE DROP!!! Now...
  4. Dave88

    Sold: Cz 550 .22-250

    Selling to make space for a new rifle. This rifle is in good condition, it has a small mark from where the moderator has been and some small scratches on the stock from general use but other than that this is a very tidy rifle that has had little use considering its age. CZ 550 .22-250. CZ...