1. For Sale: CZ .222 527 £175 with 70 rounds of Ammunition

    Hi Scope, rings and 70 rounds of PPU ammunition included in the sale. CZ .222 527 American Bolt Action Second Hand Bolt for sale. Buy for £175. Link above Best wishes Sean
  2. For Sale: Bergara BA13 Take Down in .222 with Evo Mod

    I bought this earlier in the year so I could travel more easily between my gun cabinet in Glasgow and my stalking ground near Inverness. I now have a cabinet in Inverness and am purchasing a S&L Legacy in .222, a rifle I've been after for some time. Great little rifle, it's had between 30 and 40...
  3. Change of powder for .222

    I'm looking at changing the powder I use in my .222 Rem as the my RFD has to buy it in specially for me. To save some hassle in sourcing I think I'm going to go with his reccomendation of Accurate 2520, as I'm also switching to 50/55gr sierra bullets at the same time. I did a search on accurate...