.222 rem

  1. Absolute max 222 rem range

    Aw the title says what is the max range the 222 rem can hit something at reasonably consistently. Are you using factory or homeloads? I know you wouldn't shoot a live animal at 500 yards with it but even just paper or steel. I am going to try and push mine to the max range for some targets.
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    I have for sale a used RCBS Full Length Sizing die and Seating die for .222 Rem. P/N 10901 Good, clean condition. £25 inc postage.
  3. Sold: NEW. RCBS FL Die Set .222 REM (P/N 10901 Group A Dies)

    I have a RCBS FL Die Set .222 REM (P/N 10901 Group A Dies) for sale. This is BRAND NEW, never used. There is a F/L sizing/decapping die and a seating die in a green plastic die holder box. £37.00 inc postage.