1. For Sale: 200gn Sierra Matchkings (#2231C) .308 bullets

    925 x 200gn Sierra Matchkings (#2231C) £460 + £15 P+P All have same batch number. New price is £305 per 500. These are the newer 2018 model with a BC .715 Please PM me if you have any questions.
  2. Sold: Bullet sale 223, 308, 8mm

    Having a clear out as I seem to have loads of bullets. *******HAVE MOVED THE UNSOLD BULLETS TO INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS****** 82 x 150gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure £20 + £3 P+P. (Not boxed from bulk pack) NOW SOLD PM me for more info or photos. Happy for them to be collected from...