1. For Sale: Puma Hunter .22 LR with Moderator and Scope

    Have for sale my Puma Hunter .22 LR with Moderator and Scope Round count is barely 100 rounds. Zeroed it. Hit a few spinning targets with it and since then its been sitting in the cabinet. Short barrel. Moderator is a Atec Scope is Nikon Stirling Mount Master 3-9x40 with Paralax and IR...
  2. WANTED - Finnish Lion 22lr Target Rifle

    As the title - WANTED Finnish Lion 22lr Target Rifle - PM me if you have one or seen one for sale
  3. Sold: CZ 581/511 mag

    Does anyone have a spare one of these knocking about?
  4. For Sale: Anschutz 1415 - 1416 .22

    Selling my .22 I have owned this rifle for several year now. It has had light use each year and well looked after. It has some wear/ chips on the stock but as you can see in great condition really. Paddy Dane chopped and rethreaded the barrel to 14 inches and it has made this a really usable...
  5. Sold: Browning T-bolt .22lr

    im looking to sell this wonderful straight-pull .22lr. It's not seen much work, and has been very well looked after. I can either sell as you see in the photos complete with a BSA Sweet 22 scope and Parker Hale moderator, or as rifle only. I don't mind either way. I'm looking for £275rifle only...