1. For Sale: Tikka T3 Lite .243 Blued and Mod

    Tikka T3 Lite .243 Blued 22" Barrel 1/2UNF threaded 3 Round magazine MYM Stainless Steel T8 Moderator .243 1/2UNF Recently resprayed Rifle is well used but well loved. Scratches on the stock from use and wear to bluing on barrel from moderator bushing. *Scope, mounts and stock spacers not...
  2. Sold: Once-fired .243 Brass

    143 127 available that I've sorted into bags: Sako x61 - £20 Posted Hornady x23 - £10 posted Federal x43 - £15 Posted Remington (RP) x16 - £7 Posted SOLD If anyone wants to take the lot I can do it all for £35 posted. First time selling my shot brass, let me know if this is even a usable...
  3. My introduction

    My name is Jim, I’ve been shooting for the past 10 years. Stalking for the last 8. I’ve got a .243 which I use for the fallow, roe and fox in my area, and then 22lr and 22fac air rifle for rabbits. 12 gauges and 410s as well. I’ve only ever shot outside of my family farm twice. Cornwall for reds...
  4. Sold: .243 / 6mm cast bullet kit

    Hi all, for sale are the following: Lyman single cavity 85gr gas check mould #245496. £45 posted Lee .243 lube and size kit. £12 posted .243 gas checks x900. £10 posted gas checks SOLD
  5. Newbies

    Hi, Andy here from North Wales, I'm pretty new to deer scene, done a few guided stalks on Roe and high tower Munties. Just looking to learn and seek a few opportunities as and when possible. Have 22lr/.17HMR/.223/.243/.308 open with Deer-AOLQ on the .243 & .308 Looking forward to gaining some...
  6. Selling / buying

    I have a .243 rifle if I wish to sell the rifle and replace it with another .243 how do I go about doing it just apply for a variation I am guessing ?
  7. Sold: MAE/PES Large Muzzle Can Moderator up to .25 1/2x20 UNF

    Selling as it's surplus to requirements. Will accommodate up to .25 calibre rifles so that includes .243 and .22. Heard they're very effective on the .22-250. Threaded 1/2x20 UNF. It's the matt black finish. Had roughly 200 shots through it, couple of small marks, always taken stalking with tape...
  8. Stock protection

    I have a tikka t3 and like the matte finish on the wooden stock and was woundering if anyone uses any oils or polishes on it to keep it looking good and protected for the elements and if so any recommendations. Really don’t want a gloss finish thanks olly
  9. Sold: Lee .243 dies swap for .223?

    As title, I have a set of 2 Lee dies for .243 Win which I'd like to swap for .223 Rem if anyone has any. These dies are not new, but are in good condition. I have not used them, but they appear to be good. No box though. If interested please PM me. If you have some .223 dies but don't wish to...
  10. For Sale: X bolt .308 mag and bottom metal for sale.

    Hi all, ive just upgraded my Xbolt to a chassis system and have the above for sale. These are both mint condition and are for sale at a price of £35.00 delivered to a uk address. The mag should work with any .308 type case. ive also got the stock on eBay if your looking for one.
  11. Hi New here, and Hi again......and Cheers....oH and Hello......im no good at this!!

    Hi all, bit-time foxer having a good year, most done in thermal (NO its not Cheating!!) also some deer but not into the work once its dead so don't do much of that.
  12. Wanted: .243 rifle

    Gents, I am looking for a .243 rifle. Not fussed about a scope and or a moderator as I can sort these myself. I'm looking for a well looked after rifle, not something that's knocked about. Don't want to spend more than £1000 but thought I would see what is out there. I have seen what is...
  13. Sold: Complete Sako A7 .243 Package including Meopta ZD 3-12x50, AimZonic Mod

    Complete stalking / foxing package including; Sako A7 .243 with Meopta ZD 3-12x50 Tactical with ballistic turrets and illuminated (centre cross) mildot reticule, AimZonic Cyclone Compact Moderator, Harris Tilt Bipod with notched legs, 62 rounds of Sako Gamehead 90g, Napier Razorback Stalker...
  14. Sold: .243 factory ammunition

    Hi, I've just sold my .243 and have a few boxes of 95grn Federal and Sako factory rounds expanding that are now surplus to requirents. £5 per 20 rounds sound reasonable? Also handful of brass free.
  15. Intro

    Mostly rough shooting up till now bunnies, fox, pigeon etc. using .17hmr & .22lr 12 gauge. Looking to try something new and now have both .223 & .243 added to my ticket but yet to fill, any advice welcome. Cheers.
  16. Wanted: Left Handed .243

    Looking for a left handed tikka t3, ideally a rifle/scope package but will consider just a rifle. Will also consider other makes in LH.
  17. New Member from Truro !

    Hello Everyone, My Names Sam im 21 and Currently Applying for my Firearms licence for a .243 and .22. I am working as a climbing arborist but a commercial diver by trade, i do want to return to diving soon though. I have been reading through the forum surrounding what i will have to do to get...
  18. How short is to short on my Howa 1500 .243

    Hi all, I have just got my self a Howa 1500 243 and was thinking of chopping the barrel down some but I am not sure what the legal limit is on a 243 and what affect this could have to things like power, will the round get enough twist before it leaves the barrel and accuracy also what rounds to...
  19. roe recipes

    Hello Was wondering if any had good recipes for roe maybe a casserole or something along those lines many thanks
  20. Help buying first scope needed!!

    I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and...