.243 win

  1. Introduction

    Hi All, I, like many people am looking at my options regarding the transition from lead. This is driven by my desire to achieve the best market value for my venison, rather then continuing with lead and my current buyer. My search for non-toxic alternatives brought me here. I shoot .243, .22, 12...
  2. Sierra Tipped match King .243 .95 grain surplus to needs

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  3. t3 stock

    Any one got a t3 with the walnut stock and if so do you use anything on the stock to protect it oils ect
  4. scope objective covers

    Could any one tell what size and make of flip up objective covers would be best for a swarovski z6i 2.5-15 x 56
  5. removing moderator

    Will removing my mod after shooting in the rain to clean the screw cut treads to stop rusting affect my zero when I reattach the mod many thanks