243 win

  1. Deermanagement

    For Sale: Tikka M590 .243 Win Continental

    Very good condition with a very nice stock. I have only reloaded with easy going rounds, data available for 70g Ballistic Tip, 95g Ballistic Tip and 100g Partitions. I have not checked for a number of years but it will still easily be sub moa with these rounds. Rifle is original, 5 shot...
  2. paulbshooting

    For Sale: 308 Sako brass cases and 243 FMJ ammo.

    Sako once fired 308 calibre brass I have 185 off Sako cases for 308 cal, once fired from factory ammo – all Sako 150 g super hammerheads. All carefully packed in bags and cardboard box (but not in sako boxes), note the case head is stamp marked as follows (I don’t know if this makes any...
  3. Z

    Softest shooting UK wide calibre for all deer species

    Hi all, Interesting question that I was asked today by another stalker. He is thinking ahead for his daughter who is getting further into stalking. What is the softest shooting, i.e. lowest recoil deer calibre for all species in the UK? I said 243 100gn which is overall, I think, the lowest...
  4. Welsh Guy

    Newbie says Hi

    Hi. My names is Guy and I am originally from just outside Cardiff though now living amidst the deer and boar of the Forest of Dean. I picked up my 1st gun aged 9 and mainly used the 12 bore, But finally got my FAC through about a year ago and have been going after the local rabbits and...