1. For Sale: .243 Steyr Pro Hunter £350

    20'' Barrel Good Condition Reposting as I deleted the old one by accident! Please PM for more photos. Thanks Sean
  2. For Sale: Wildcat Moderator

    Wildcat 6mm 18x1” moderator. Used and has signs of wear but works as it should. No longer needed as sold rifle without mod. £150 Must have valid slot on FAC Collected Cambridge/Newmarket
  3. For Sale: 22-250 & 243 Brass - Winchester & Privvi

    Once fired brass available see pictures postage £3 UK 1) 40 x 243 Winchester VarmintX Cases - £15 2) 68 x PPU 243 Winchester 100gr Cases - £10 3) 60 x PPU 22-250 Remington Cases - £10
  4. .243 or .308 or maybe something else?

    I know this can be a very contentious subject and there isn't a right or wrong answer, but it's something that's been playing on my mind as I fill out the FAC... Which calibre should I be asking for. I'm very new to stalking, just doing the DSC 1, have been on a couple of guided stalks and been...
  5. For Sale: Blaser R93 243 barrel and mod

    Deciding to sell this to free up some space in the cabinet as now have a varmint load for the 6.5. Shoots lovely using 87gr vmax and RS70. Happy to pass over load data to whomever buys. I’ve no loaded rounds but do have 100 once fired cases to go with it. Moderator is a stainless MTM (t8...
  6. Optilock or picatinny?

    So I’ve just bought a Tikka T3x Roughtech in 243. I’ve always mounted my scopes using the tried and tested picatinny system. However, some people have been suggesting using Optilock … what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  7. Sold: Once fired 243 Brass

    140 Once fired Federal 243 brass boxed £40 including postage
  8. Sold: Zastava .243 - Great beginner/budget rifle

    Selling my .243 Zastava which is a K98 (small ring) action, would be great for a beginner or someone after something not too precious/foxing truck gun with it's shorter barrel Best factory ammo I have found for it is Hornady Superformance 75gr, though it did shoot Federal Powershok 100gr and...
  9. Mauser M18/12 243

    Hi everyone. Looking for some thoughts, experiences and feedback from owners or users of the Mauser M18/12 in 243. I own several cz rifles in different calibres and plan on sticking with them until they eventually shoot out. What's the quality, accuracy and ergonomics like for the Mauser...
  10. Sierra Game King loaded Ammo at great Prices £65 a 100 £120 200 180grain

    Fully tested on Wild Boar and Deer Sierra Game King is a fantastic Bullet .Ammunition Offer 243 also available 100 grain £85 a 100 £160 for 200 .Deposit £20 Pick up at the British shooting show or By arrangement in Wick between Bristol and Bath . Call 0117 303 9227 .
  11. Softest shooting UK wide calibre for all deer species

    Hi all, Interesting question that I was asked today by another stalker. He is thinking ahead for his daughter who is getting further into stalking. What is the softest shooting, i.e. lowest recoil deer calibre for all species in the UK? I said 243 100gn which is overall, I think, the lowest...
  12. brothers first hind, kind of.

    so i had been working on this estate for around 10 months at the time of this, this was back in january 2011 we were most of the way through our hind cull, and just taking the last few hinds from here and there, the days of going hard and getting the big numbers in where gone now, so i asked my...
  13. My new gun!

    Sako 85 Synthetic Stainless .243, Stainless Optilock rings, Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50, Snipersystems Bipod, Claw Sling, MAE T12 Moderator
  14. Fussy Calibres

    I reload for two calibres .243 and .30-06. I have had great success with the .30-06 loading two differentrounds and finding sub MOA groupings very quickly. The .243 however has been the opposite end of the spectrum. It has taken many more rounds and is still not shooting as tighter groups as...
  15. tikka t3 lite stcok

    hey guys does anyone know what a tikka t3 light .243 synthetic stock which has been used but not ruined might go for and any offers on it considered? thanks konar
  16. New member from DEnmark

    Hi, researching on deer hunting in the UK send me here! Looking forward to learn more.