1. Baggy

    Sold: .25-06 Semi Custom

    New price to get it gone! £500. I had this built by HPS Target Rifles in Gloucester off a Parker-Hale/Mauser action and maintained the 26" barrel length to get the most from this calibre. This was designed for culling and longer range shots. The barrel is a Lothar Walther match barrel in sporter...
  2. Baggy

    Sold: Hornady .25-06 Modified Lock-N-Load Case

    Used twice and no longer needed as I'm selling the rifle. £5 delivered.
  3. Blaser243

    For Sale: Blaser R93 offroad .30-06 and .25-06 (testing the waters)

    Blaser R93 offroad .30-06 and .25-06 (sale or swap) I'm considering switching around some of my rifles so would anyone interested in my black synthetic Blaser R93 with .30-06 and .25-06 barrels? £1500 ono. Might be interested in a swap for a .243 or .308 (slots available immediately), but...
  4. Z

    Wanted: Mauser M03 Basic

    Hi all, Anyone out there wanting to part with their Mauser M03 Basic, ideally in .243 or maybe 25-06? All best, Z.
  5. S

    Bullet weights

    I use a 25-06 rifle with 100gr bullets. This was recommended to me by several gunsmiths / suppliers over a 270 / 6.5x55 etc. Earlier this week, I was stalking with someone who uses a 270 with 110gr bullets. I might be missing something, but as both cartridges are based on the same case and...
  6. Baggy

    Reloading components in Suffolk

    Hi guys. Had a bit a shocker..... I've recently moved upto Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds) and am now out of stock of primers. Been using the Muron primers in my .25-06. Have had great results and very consistent with Elcho17 with 100gr SMK and Speer Spitzers. Does anyone know of anywhere to get...
  7. B

    .25-06, sako or tikka

    Evening gents, hoping for a bit of advice please. I've got a variation to buy a .25-06 to use for foxing and stalking but am not sure about which rifle make to go for. The sako appeals as it is a damned good looking rifle and feels like a quality product, unfortunately they only do .25-06...
  8. S

    7x57 v. 6.5 x 55 v 25-06

    I am about to apply for my FAC and am looking for a rifle for both roe and reds with the possibility of occasional foxing. I have done a lot of reading and spoken to several stalkers. I am favouring the 25-06, as it seems to be fairly versitile and very flat, although the 7x57 doesn't seem...