1. Best Calibre for Deer with Copper Bullets

    I am researching a new calibre for my main deer rifle. I have a .303 SMLE which is great for woodland but I can’t make it accurate enough (for my personal standards), 6.5 CM which I bought and enjoyed using with 143gr ELD-X bullets. I am now shifting to non-toxic and finding the 6.5CM lacking...
  2. Finally

    After a 10 month wait my FAC came through, and I got my new rig set up and zeroed.
  3. For Sale: Brno 270w ZKK 600

    Brno 270w ZKK 600 Safari screw cut 1/2 unf (thread cover) CZ correct 550 mounts straight trigger fab hill rifle, a plain Jane and very reliable http://matthewshunting.com/zkk-600-aka-beast-anchor/ £275.00
  4. Introduction

    Located in the Highlands just west of Inverness I have very limited stalking experience but life long interest in field sports. I have a GSP bird dog who seems OK at tracking too. I'm shooting on a budget with a Parker Hale 270 (came upon here whilst looking for a spare magazine for it) and...
  5. Bullet weights

    I use a 25-06 rifle with 100gr bullets. This was recommended to me by several gunsmiths / suppliers over a 270 / 6.5x55 etc. Earlier this week, I was stalking with someone who uses a 270 with 110gr bullets. I might be missing something, but as both cartridges are based on the same case and...
  6. Hi to everyone out there

    Hi, My Experience is mostly rough shooting 12 bore, and sorting out rabbits for friends with rabbit issues. Spend last new year on Islay in Scotland & had a brilliant time stalking and rough shooting. Like to eat what I shoot and a bit technical about bullets and aim points etc Have a FAC BSA...
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