1. kimh

    For Sale: Brno 270w ZKK 600

    Brno 270w ZKK 600 Safari screw cut 1/2 unf (thread cover) CZ correct 550 mounts straight trigger fab hill rifle, a plain Jane and very reliable http://matthewshunting.com/zkk-600-aka-beast-anchor/ £275.00
  2. P

    For Sale: 270 clear out

    Given up 270, clearing out all gear factory ,,,, fedral 130gn power shock , 8x boxes of 20 , @ £22-00 per box fedral, 150 gn vital shock 27 rounds £30-00 IF you take the lot i can throw in a box of 50 x home loads ( 150 match kings) Brass, once fired fedral, x93 £30-00...
  3. S

    For Sale: Norma 270 Brass

    Change of calibre so have the following available: c.100 new Norma cases - £50 delivered - sold c. 80 1xfired Norma cases - £30 delivered - sold (these two are both from the same batch of brass) c.100 Norma (one batch) - mixture of 1xfired, neck sized & primed or 2xfired, neck-sized & spent...
  4. M


    Located in the Highlands just west of Inverness I have very limited stalking experience but life long interest in field sports. I have a GSP bird dog who seems OK at tracking too. I'm shooting on a budget with a Parker Hale 270 (came upon here whilst looking for a spare magazine for it) and...
  5. O

    Sold: Reloading kit for 270

    About to start the art, and wanting to know if anyone has a set-up they're selling, or hadn't considered selling until they saw this... Many thanks - Oager
  6. S

    Bullet weights

    I use a 25-06 rifle with 100gr bullets. This was recommended to me by several gunsmiths / suppliers over a 270 / 6.5x55 etc. Earlier this week, I was stalking with someone who uses a 270 with 110gr bullets. I might be missing something, but as both cartridges are based on the same case and...
  7. M

    Hi to everyone out there

    Hi, My Experience is mostly rough shooting 12 bore, and sorting out rabbits for friends with rabbit issues. Spend last new year on Islay in Scotland & had a brilliant time stalking and rough shooting. Like to eat what I shoot and a bit technical about bullets and aim points etc Have a FAC BSA...