1. .270WSM, .300WSM or uncommon calibers.

    Hi guys and girls, looking to expand the inert collection. Is there any 270wsm or 300wsm reloaders on here, or any other uncommon calibers? Happy to compensate for the trouble.. Chris
  2. Fox shooting

    Went out shooting with my mentor 270wsm (the surgeon) he had to blood his new Swarovski scope. Well this time it was targeted neurosurgery (targeted lead inter cranial) with his new surgical equipment he delivered the required dose of lead to to render the problem animal. i got a fox also but he...
  3. Rabbit training

    Getting my rabbit used to lead. Went on fox bash with 270wsm he's a surgeon with his rifle I must say. He thought we should get rabbit used to it
  4. Another Londonites adventure’s

    Evening Gents, Just a quick write up of a Saturday spent with 270wsm and Herbert from this site. I was lucky enough to get a decent Job offer two weeks ago and decided that I deserved a treat. Bizarrely, being a shooter was actually really helpful in the interview, but that is a story for...