1. For Sale: Sako 75 Semi-custom in 300 WSM

    Assembled by Norman Clark the rifle is built around a Sako 75 (Chrome-Moly) action, bedded into a McMillan (Sako Varmint) fibreglass stock and has a heavy, 24" stainless Krieger Match barrel Prone, or comfortably rested on a vehicle or in a High Seat, the rifle is a supremely accurate &...
  2. Wanted: 300WSM Brass and Comp/Match Dies (Redding/Forster)

    Looking for NEW 300WSM brass (Hornady, Nosler, Norma) 30cal heads (160-180gr) ELDM, ELDX, BERGER VLD Hunting, Accubond.
  3. .270WSM, .300WSM or uncommon calibers.

    Hi guys and girls, looking to expand the inert collection. Is there any 270wsm or 300wsm reloaders on here, or any other uncommon calibers? Happy to compensate for the trouble.. Chris