.308 brass

  1. Sold: Brass clear out

    After tidying up my reloading room, I have the following once fired cases available - price includes P&P. .308Win Norma x350 £75 .308Win Hornady x244 £50 .308Win Federal. x46 £10 6.5 Creedmoor. Winchester. x20 £10 6.5 Creedmoor. Hornady. x20 £10 30-06 Geco. x40. £15
  2. Wanted: Wanted - 308 Brass. Once or Twice fired please

    Hi, Just getting into reloading and looking for some once or twice fired .308 brass. Looking for around 100 / 150 cases if possible. Happy to send payment via paypal. Many thanks
  3. For Sale: 308 once fired SAKO brass, 200 total qty or 100 qty lots

    Hello, I have 200 off once fired brass in 308, all from 150 grain factory bought SAKO Superhammerhead ammo. Selling in two lots, £25 per 100 qty inc postage (mainland only) or £55 for 200 total qty again including postage. Thanks :)
  4. For Sale: 308 Sako brass cases and 243 FMJ ammo.

    Sako once fired 308 calibre brass I have 185 off Sako cases for 308 cal, once fired from factory ammo – all Sako 150 g super hammerheads. All carefully packed in bags and cardboard box (but not in sako boxes), note the case head is stamp marked as follows (I don’t know if this makes any...
  5. Lapua Brass . 308

    How many times is it safe to reload this type of brass :?: