.308 win

  1. For Sale: RCBS .308 die set

    As above, I have a set of these available, seen very little use. £35 posted. £40 will get you a No.3 shellholder too! Thanks for looking.
  2. Vectan SP7 .308 Load Data

    Hi, I've been trawling around the internet and I'm struggling to find any "good" load data for the Vectan SP7 Powder. Their website has a very basic data table, covering maybe around 5 weights/bullet types. https://www.grafs.com/uploads/technical-resource-pdf-file/20.pdf I'm going to load...
  3. Sold: Winchester Model 70 Feather Weight .308

    Well the day has come to move this boy on. I'm selling my trusty .308! I bought this rifle from a gent that had it sitting his safe as a spare. Without even shooting it. I had it screw cut to 1/2" UNF with a target crown on it. This rifle will return very thight groups providing the shooter is...
  4. Sold: Sako 75 .308, pacnor barrel and pillar bedded mcmillan stock

    .308 Sako 75 action with pacnor 20" barrel threaded 1/2" unf. Barrel has had fewer than 30 rounds through it, very little load development and half a dozen deer. Pillar bedded mcmillan swirly action. All put together by Neil Mckillop. Thought long and hard about keeping this but it just isn't...