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  1. Wanted: Precision .308 reloading die or hornady microjust insert

    Looking for a competition seating die with micrometer adjustment in .308 or a hornady microjust seating stem. What have people got that they aren’t using? Thanks
  2. Shooting to the right

    I've noticed that my setup seems to shoot slightly to the right at 200m or if using faster ammunition at 100m. For example, with 150gr bullets (in my 308) I am bang on at 100m, but 1" to the right at 200m. With faster 110gr or 130gr bullets I am 1.5" to the right at 100m. Can anyone explain what...
  3. Sold: .308

    Looking for a .308 to keep me busy during lockdown. Anything with not much use sitting in your safe? Looking around £1500+ for a full package (scope, mod etc) may push budget for the right combo. Ideally synthetic stock for staking. Based in Essex so would be great if in surrounding counties to...
  4. Sold: SAKO 75 .308 hunter Cerakoted black

    Nice clean SAKO 75 .308 hunter Cerakoted in Armor black all metal work done inc magazine base , come's with wildcat predator 8 mod Looking for £900.00 , can send to RFD if required. Please PM me.
  5. Sold: Steyr 69 SSG .308 SOLD

    Steyr Mannlicher 69 SSG in devastating .308 cal Heavy original external twist barrel, un threaded. 1 x 308 mag, 30mm opti lock rings. £550 ono Scope - Nightforce NF 12 -42 x 56 illuminated with NP2 R2 etched reticle and target turrets. £900 Serious set up for the long range shooter.
  6. Sold: .308 Bullet Heads

    Clear out time as I’m transitioning to copper rounds. For sale: 35 Nosler BT 150gr (part opened box) - £20 posted 100 Hornady SST (opened full box) 150gr - £30 posted SOLD Payment by BACS or PayPal Friends & Family transfer - please pm me for details.
  7. Sold: .30 cal Noslers & Norma Oryx Bullets

    BOTH SOLD .30 150 grain, Nosler Ballistic Tip £30 .30 180 grain, Norma Orxy - 66 off - £30 Price includes shipping.
  8. For Sale: .308 Brass

    116 x Federal Classic .308 once fired - £40 + Postage 20 x GGG .308 once fired - £Free + whatever it costs to post 13 x Norma .308 (I don't know where / when I shot this) - £Free + whatever it costs to post
  9. For Sale: .308 brass

    I was going to home load, bought a £30 lee load kit. De-primed some brass and got bored at that. Hence, the brass is now for sale. 61 x Federal Classic (still primed) Once fired - £20 + £2.80 postage 24 x Federal Classic (de-primed) Once fired - £10 + £2.00 postage 12 x Norma Once fired - £4...
  10. Federal Power Shok Copper

    Has anyone used Federal Power Shock .308 or in any caliber? Reviews are very thin on the ground.
  11. Sold: Howa 1500 in .308

    Howa 1500 in .308 Win Sporter barrel P8 moderator HACT trigger tuned by MIke Norris of Brock and Norris. SIMMONS Pro Hunter - 6-18 x 40 scope. Owned from new and kept completely standard as it worked very well as a stalking rig straight from the box. Trigger tuned by Mike Norris around a year...
  12. Sold: 180gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure .308

    376 x 180gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure (.308). £30 per 100 + £3 P+P. £100 for 376 + £12 P+P (Not boxed from bulk pack). Please PM me if you have any questions.
  13. Newbies

    Hi, Andy here from North Wales, I'm pretty new to deer scene, done a few guided stalks on Roe and high tower Munties. Just looking to learn and seek a few opportunities as and when possible. Have 22lr/.17HMR/.223/.243/.308 open with Deer-AOLQ on the .243 & .308 Looking forward to gaining some...
  14. Sierra Gameking .308 on Muntjac

    Hi All, I was stalking recently and shot a Muntjac Doe with a 150gr Sierra Gameking from my .308 rifle. The shot was about 65m. When I retrieved the carcass the bullet had passed straight through with a very narrow wound channel. I expected the Gameking bullet to have mushroomed more?! Are...
  15. First time FAC application

    Hi all, am a fairly new member and recently started shooting - at Bisley and have done a couple of days stalking in the South West going after Reds and Roe, just taken Roe so far, greatly enjoying it! Plan to get up to the highlands in August, and shoot some driven boar in Europe in the Autumn...
  16. Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi all, I have an empty 308 slot I fancy filling with one of the following, .Howa Varmint barrel in Berzerk stock .Mannlicher Steyr Cl, Sl,or stutzen .Sako 75 As you can see I’m a man of wide tastes...long range foxing weapon, or classy stalking companion...open to suggestions It will be a...
  17. Sako 85 Preferred .308 Round

    A question if I may please gents; has anyone with a Sako 85 had any issues with the Sako Gamehead 150g or found an alternative brand or variety an even better option with the 85? Any direct experience greatly appreciated (and I don't wish to home load, as I only take a handful of deer a year for...
  18. Filling Tikka T3X Stock

    I have a Tikka t3x Varmint in 308, the butt end of the stock is filled with a factory supplied foam insert, but it still feels light and hollow. I was thinking of removing the factory supplied foam insert and replacing it with something heavier / more dense. Has anyone else done this? Any...
  19. Sold: DTA srs a1 308 barrel

    Barely used ( 2-300 rounds thru). 16” 1:8 twist factory barrel (factory screw cut and protector). Just not getting a look in, the 260 rem seems to live in these days. A quality plug n play 308 option for a dta srs covert owner. £350 F2F or via Rfd cheers
  20. For Sale: .308 howa mags will fit legacy sports dm lowers

    hi all, ive just switched to a metal bottom on my 7-08 rem700 so have 2 5 round legacy sports mags to sell. They are in as new condition hardly used. These are around £60 each and I will take £40 each delivered or £70 the pair delivered. These will fit a Howa or a legacy sports polymer Rem700...
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