1. T

    First time FAC application

    Hi all, am a fairly new member and recently started shooting - at Bisley and have done a couple of days stalking in the South West going after Reds and Roe, just taken Roe so far, greatly enjoying it! Plan to get up to the highlands in August, and shoot some driven boar in Europe in the Autumn...
  2. TheCornishman

    Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi, are you sorted yet? I have a Sako 85 synthetic stainless that's not seeing much daylight.
  3. T

    Filling Tikka T3X Stock

  4. Treedave

    Sold: DTA srs a1 308 barrel

  5. B

    Newbie Intro

  6. 2teal

    Sold: IMI 308 Brass

  7. Treedave

    Sold: Sako 75 s/s 308-full set up

  8. T

    Sold: Sako .308 Forester w Mod

  9. T

    Sold: Ruger Precision .308