1. T

    First time FAC application

    Hi all, am a fairly new member and recently started shooting - at Bisley and have done a couple of days stalking in the South West going after Reds and Roe, just taken Roe so far, greatly enjoying it! Plan to get up to the highlands in August, and shoot some driven boar in Europe in the Autumn...
  2. TheCornishman

    Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi all, I have an empty 308 slot I fancy filling with one of the following, .Howa Varmint barrel in Berzerk stock .Mannlicher Steyr Cl, Sl,or stutzen .Sako 75 As you can see I’m a man of wide tastes...long range foxing weapon, or classy stalking companion...open to suggestions It will be a...
  3. tjm160

    Sako 85 Preferred .308 Round

    A question if I may please gents; has anyone with a Sako 85 had any issues with the Sako Gamehead 150g or found an alternative brand or variety an even better option with the 85? Any direct experience greatly appreciated (and I don't wish to home load, as I only take a handful of deer a year for...
  4. Tomc1990

    Filling Tikka T3X Stock

    I have a Tikka t3x Varmint in 308, the butt end of the stock is filled with a factory supplied foam insert, but it still feels light and hollow. I was thinking of removing the factory supplied foam insert and replacing it with something heavier / more dense. Has anyone else done this? Any...
  5. Treedave

    Sold: DTA srs a1 308 barrel

    Barely used ( 2-300 rounds thru). 16” 1:8 twist factory barrel (factory screw cut and protector). Just not getting a look in, the 260 rem seems to live in these days. A quality plug n play 308 option for a dta srs covert owner. £350 F2F or via Rfd cheers
  6. I

    For Sale: .308 howa mags will fit legacy sports dm lowers

    hi all, ive just switched to a metal bottom on my 7-08 rem700 so have 2 5 round legacy sports mags to sell. They are in as new condition hardly used. These are around £60 each and I will take £40 each delivered or £70 the pair delivered. These will fit a Howa or a legacy sports polymer Rem700...
  7. B

    Newbie Intro

    Hi all, this is my first foray into a forum so please bare with me! I’m an avid game shooter who over the past 5 years have ventured into stalking. I predominately stalk fallow but have also recently had the privilege to stalk reds in scotland. I currently shoot a .243 but am looking to add a...
  8. paulbshooting

    First reloading batch win 308 - results and brass

    Evening all Thanks again for the previous advice, being new to reloading it was much appreciated. I have been through the whole process and loaded my first test batch in 308 with N140 powder, fed 210 primers, 150 grain nosler BT in once fired federal brass, all to 2.800” OAL as per nosler book...
  9. paulbshooting

    Reloading 308 and 300 win mag, which press to do both and what manual?

    Good evening Planning to start reloading. Read some great posts on here and watched plenty on YouTube. Before I invest, would welcome any advice on reloading presses as keen to buy once and get a quality piece of kit that will load both my 308 and 300 win mag, with the right dies. Probably...
  10. T

    For Sale: .308 Ultimate Stalking/ Match rifle -Christensen Arms Ridgeline

    I am reluctantly selling my CA Ridgeline in .308. The rifle is made in the USA and has a sub MOA guarantee with factory ammo. Additionally it has: - a Carbon fibre wrapped hand lapped match barrel ,Match Chamber, Hand Lapped,Free Floating, 24 inches, 1:10T) - Carbon fibre composite stock with...
  11. I

    For Sale: X bolt .308 mag and bottom metal for sale.

    Hi all, ive just upgraded my Xbolt to a chassis system and have the above for sale. These are both mint condition and are for sale at a price of £35.00 delivered to a uk address. The mag should work with any .308 type case. ive also got the stock on eBay if your looking for one.
  12. Z

    Wanted: Sako 75 in 308 or 243 or 7mm-08 donor rifle

    Hi all, Exciting times, my brother and I are building a 6.5 Creedmoor. I'm on the hunt for a Sako 75 in 243 or 308 or 7mm-08. Wood and blued sporter/hunter but a deluxe version would be even better. All best, Z.
  13. 2teal

    Sold: IMI 308 Brass

    For sale 420 once fired IMI 308 brass 260 are loose - 160 in plastic holders £40 the lot collected Will post at extra £4 per 100 2teal
  14. Treedave

    Sold: Sako 75 s/s 308-full set up

    Update with what's left Sako 75 in 308, screw cut barrel @ 20".New barrel (border stainless with sako profile) fitted when I bought, barrel and action cerakoted in original sako silver. Stock and barrel show occasional light marks from use. 2-250 rounds through since new barrel. 6 month old...
  15. S

    Sold: Winchester Model 70 Feather Weight .308

    Well the day has come to move this boy on. I'm selling my trusty .308! I bought this rifle from a gent that had it sitting his safe as a spare. Without even shooting it. I had it screw cut to 1/2" UNF with a target crown on it. This rifle will return very thight groups providing the shooter is...
  16. T

    Sold: Sako .308 Forester w Mod

    *Price drop..Sako .308 Forester w Mod I'm selling my super straight shooting Forester .308 with A-Tech moderator. I've always been thrilled with it's accuracy, balance, trigger action and traditional look & feel. The moderator was bought new about 3 years ago so only had less than 50 shots...
  17. Virbius

    Sold: Sako Hunter 85 in .308 complete setup with S&B scope

    Hello all, a reluctant sale, but I'm looking to sell my Sako .308 deer setup. Wood and blued-steel Sako 85 Hunter right-hand in excellent condition with Schmidt & Bender 3-12x42 Klassic scope, with non-illuminated with A7 reticule on Optilock mounts. Atec Maxim moderator and Harris SL swivel...
  18. marklestrange

    For Sale: Complete .308 Stalking rifle Mod scope and kit

    FREE STALKING RIFLE when you buy Ideal Complete setup. DEVON Brit classic Midland Gun Company Springfield action .308 It can achieve 1 moa with cheep PPU 150gn SP. (3 shots from cold) The general condition is 'well used' but it has some nice wood on the stock and nice 'old skool' quality...
  19. paulbshooting

    For Sale: 308 once fired SAKO brass, 200 total qty or 100 qty lots

    Hello, I have 200 off once fired brass in 308, all from 150 grain factory bought SAKO Superhammerhead ammo. Selling in two lots, £25 per 100 qty inc postage (mainland only) or £55 for 200 total qty again including postage. Thanks :)
  20. T

    Sold: Ruger Precision .308

    I have had this on order since last November and it has now arrived but in between I managed to get this gun in a 6.5 creedmoor so no longer need it. It is brand new in the box I'm looking for £1350.00 F2F or RFD at cost. Please PM me. I can add photos but I'm sure you know what it looks like.