1. Best .30 cal bullets for target ?

    Recently got a tikka tac .308 What are some of the bullets and loads people are using for target ? To stretch out to the longer distances is it better to get into the higher weight bullets like 175 or 180 or stick to 155 and 160? For context I’ve ordered some sierra 175gr match kings as I...
  2. Sold: Factory .308 Ammunition Clearance at Giveaway Price!

    All new boxed: - Sako 123 gr x 6 rounds The following all 150 gr: - Lapua x 46 Winchester x 30 Federal x 10 Sako Super Hammerhead x 40 FAC regulations demand inter RFD transfer as in storage with Dylan Owen RFD, Conwy Valley Guns Llanrwst 07786 860340 or email dylanowen@conwyvalleyguns.co.uk...
  3. Sold: Once-fired, HPS Target Master .308 brass. Boxed with dividers.

    For sale - HPS Target Master new, once-fired .308 brass. Boxed complete with plastic divider inserts. As they came out of the rifle. Factory primer caps still inserted. £15.00 per 100 inc tracked postage to anywhere in mainland UK. PM if interested. Payment via online bank transfer.
  4. For Sale: MDT AICS Magazines Metal / Polymer

    2 x MDT Polymer .223 10 Round £25 each 1 x MDT Polymer Gen 2 .308 10 Round £30 1 x MDT Metal Mag + Extender .308 12 Round £50 Also have: 3 x Accurate Mag .300wsm / 6.5PRC Metal Mag 7 Round £60 each 4 x CZ 457 .17hmr / wmr 10 Round magzine £25 each
  5. Sold: Brand New .308 Bergara Extreme Hunter Viper Urban for only £850

    The situation is this. I secured this rifle at a price of £850 with a deposit about 18 months ago after having my FAC officer visit, after which I was expecting my licence through in around 2 weeks. Unfortunately due to a multitude of complications I am still waiting (any day now). The rifle is...
  6. For Sale: Merkel K3 Extreme Black edition

    .308 win, Merkel K3 Extreme Black edition. Has had less that 100 rounds put through it. Comes with installed Dentler Basis & picatinny mount. Near if not, mint condition. £2000.
  7. For Sale: Bullets 6mm

    Some surplus bullets for sale: 6mm: Nosler Ballistic SilverTip 95gr (100) - £70 plus postage Hornady V-Max 87gr (100) - £40 plus postage
  8. For Sale: Reloading bits

    Hi all. I have a bit of a surplus on reloading bits and bobs. HORNADY LNL OAL STRAIGHT GAUGE brand new - £50 plus postage LEE RIFLE PACESETTER 3 DIE SET WITH FACTORY CRIMP DIE and LEE RIFLE CHARGING DIE .308 - £60 plus postage Lee safety powder scale - £15 plus postage Lee Case length Gauge...
  9. For Sale: 2x.308/7.62 10 round P-Mags

    2 x 10 round P-Mags in 7.62/.308 Bought for a project, but going in a different direction now. Better to move them on than have them Gather dust- both in very good condition. Looking for £25 each posted ONO
  10. First Impressions and first rifle

    Hello all, chuffed to be part of the community. Have been out stalking for a couple of seasons now. Mainly Fallow and Roe in Highland Perthshire. Passed my DSC 1 in February and planning on sitting the DSC 2 later in the year. I have just been granted my FAC with slots for .308, .22 and 12ga...
  11. Sold: Parker Hale .308 £295 ono

    Parker Hale .308 Woodwork in excellent condition with clean barrel. Mauser action. Comes with Kassnar 4x40 scope ready to go. £295. ono Still groups well. This was on the Zero range at Bisley last summer....
  12. Sold: Blaser R8 Pro trigger unit

    Very good condition. Can be supplied with .308 win, .243 win & 6mm BR Norma insert if required. £250 posted within the UK
  13. Sold: Steyr Scout .308 + AimSport Triton Mod

    For your consideration, my Steyr Scout in .308, with its AimSport Triton Predator Mod. £399. A fantastic field rifle fit with a conventional scope, a low-power variable, a red-dot or a long-eye-relieve Scout scope. This is visually an 8 out of 10, with some good field time under its belt...
  14. For Sale: Projectiles and brass .308

    44 x 167 gr lapua scenar- pulled minor marks to projectiles .30 - £20 posted 50 x GGG 147 gr FMJ. 30- £20 posted 20 x once fired ( deprimed) hornady .308- £8 posted 20 x once fired federal .308 ( deprimed) £8 posted. Some more FMJ to follow when I get my tidying done.
  15. Hello fellow shooters.

    I exclusively shoot targets these days, but I am interested in reloading. I shoot a variety of calibres.

    LAPUA BRASS CASES RESTOCK CHECK OUT THE RANGE https://rmacleod.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Lapua+brass
  17. WILDCAT EVO - Any good?

    Looking for opinions on Wildcat EVO mod for .308
  18. Sold: Precision .308 reloading die or hornady microjust insert

    Looking for a competition seating die with micrometer adjustment in .308 or a hornady microjust seating stem. What have people got that they aren’t using? Thanks
  19. Shooting to the right

    I've noticed that my setup seems to shoot slightly to the right at 200m or if using faster ammunition at 100m. For example, with 150gr bullets (in my 308) I am bang on at 100m, but 1" to the right at 200m. With faster 110gr or 130gr bullets I am 1.5" to the right at 100m. Can anyone explain what...
  20. Sold: .308

    Looking for a .308 to keep me busy during lockdown. Anything with not much use sitting in your safe? Looking around £1500+ for a full package (scope, mod etc) may push budget for the right combo. Ideally synthetic stock for staking. Based in Essex so would be great if in surrounding counties to...