1. Sold: 34mm low rings

    34mm low rings picatinny wanted need to be between 5- 9mm from underside of base to bottom of ring. I have a brand new set of hawk precision steel rings with quick release. Mounted on rifle felt too high for my liking. Maybe swap but happy to pay cash for right set. I’ll put pics of rings and...
  2. Wanted: Sako Optilock 34mm (Lo) Rings

    Be pleased to hear if anyone had a set of these for sale
  3. Wanted: 34mm low QD rings

    Would like to buy 34mm low height QD rings for weaver/picatinny rail. Can swap to Tier One medium height 30mm rings with bubble level (new style).
  4. Sold: Vortex precision matched 34mm medium height rings

    Never used ring set , fitted once but were not high enough for my setup. Looking for £100.00 delivered please PM me.