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    For Sale: Mauser MO3 Africa .375 H&H

    Hi all, I'm afraid young children and no spare cash makes another safari unlikely in the foreseeable future. Therefore for sale: My MAUSER MO3 Africa Extreme in 375 H&H Rifle and ancillaries: - MO3 Africa Extreme 375 H&H take down rifle, grey and black synthetic, black bolt and metal work...
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    For Sale: Ruger No 1 Tropical in 375 H&H. Excellent condition - £850 ono.

    Ruger No 1 Tropical in 375 H&H. Excellent condition with only one tiny handling mark on the stock. Shot count of less than 100. Also comes with 15 rounds and about 35 once fired cases and a Lee die set. One inch Ruger scope rings also included. These rifles are perfect for plains game. This...
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    For Sale: CZ 550 Magnum Lux .375 H&H -- £725 ono

    CZ 550 Magnum Lux .375 H&H 23.5 inch barrel Leaf open sights Less than 150 rds fired Bavarian style cheek piece Single set trigger Minor dents and scratches on woodwork- see photos. **scope and mounts NOT included** but will include RCBS FL and Seating dies. Can RFD... will include ~80 cases...