44 magnum

  1. Sold: Marlin 1894 CB 44 Magnum - Octagonal Barrel

    Marlin 1894 Cowboy - 44 magnum, 20 inch octagonal barrel. MINT. There isn't a mark on this. Beautiful wood that has been oiled - see picture. You can see, this has better wood than most! 2018 model - internals tuned; nice a smooth. Once piece firing pin. £950 RFD transfer possible, or meet at...
  2. Wanted: cases 9mm, 38 Sp, 357 mag, 44 mag

    Hi folks, since the good old days of Tony Blair the handgun rounds are gone - for forever I would imagine in an ever more restrictive UK. As I live in Europe I can still enjoy my favourite sport. So if anybody has an old stock of pistol/revolver cases for reloading then please contact me...