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  1. Wanted: 45/70 jacketed bullets need

    Hi all. Do any of you have any jacketed 45/70 bullets for sale or know of a dealer who has any. Please let me know I need to feed my Ruger no.1
  2. Wanted: 45/70 bullets, cases and tools wanted

    Hi all, as it’s coming up to Christmas I’ve decided to give a homeless Ruger no1 in 45/70 a home. So I need the following cases, jacketed bullets, auto prime shell holder, Lee cutter. And lock stud. Mtm boxes Please remember a 45/70 is for life not just Christmas. Pm me what you would have...
  3. Wanted: Ruger No.1 wanted in 45/70

    Hi all. It’s renewal time again and I’ve put in for a 45/70. I’m looking for a second hand Ruger No.1. Do any of you know if there is one for sale? And how much. now sorted. Thanks for the help
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