1. Introduction

    Hi all. From Wick Caithness north Scotland. I don’t really have a lot to offer in terms of firearms i own as I have none but I am just keeping a watch on the training wanted adds as I hope to be in a position to offer some assistance.
  2. For Sale: Shogun SWB 3.0 v6 shooting truck

    As per title, its done 137k but runs perfect. Bodywork is good to very good. Interior is fair to good. Has 33" SST muds with tons of tread left. Spot lights and front bull bar. Has all the usual Shogun perks, central locking, elect windows, auto hubs with selectable locking center diff. All...
  3. Wanted: Pickup - Early models (2005 ish area)

    Hi, I'm on the look out for a cheap and cheerful (doesn't have to be pretty) but mechanically and structurally sound L200 - Only really looking to put the hammer down on something around the Max £3000 mark. We are literally only going to be driving it for going deer stalking and shooting trips...
  4. For Sale: Suzuki Garand Vitara 2.4

    Here we have my wife's car for sale. Only owned a year. Full stamped up services history. 11 Months MOT. Less than 80k miles. Been used to go to the jewellers/hairdressers and back - not quite what they were designed for so we are releasing it to the wild as she's going back to a soft top now...
  5. Any Dacia Duster Owners?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has any experience with the new Dacia Duster Diesel? Regards Paul