6.5 x 55

  1. Wanted: PPU Brass 6.5x55

    Hi Does anyone have any PPU brass in 6.5x55 they want to sell ? Preferably new Thanks 👍
  2. For Sale: 22-250 & 243 Brass - Winchester & Privvi

    Once fired brass available see pictures postage £3 UK 1) 40 x 243 Winchester VarmintX Cases - £15 2) 68 x PPU 243 Winchester 100gr Cases - £10 3) 60 x PPU 22-250 Remington Cases - £10
  3. Best copper rounds for 6.5x55 muntjac/roe?

    So I’m buying a Mauser m12 impact in 6.5x55 and need some advice on the best copper rounds for this caliber? Mostly shooting Roe & muntjac but some fallow as well.
  4. Sold: SAUER 202 6.5x55 barrel and Wolverine Kit

    Conver your Sauer 202 into a match barrel wolverine model. All you need is here. 6.5x55 Match barrel Wolverine stock and foreend All perfect condition. Sold together. Will be placed in rfd in Northern Ireland for buyer to arrange collection/transportation. £1000
  5. Shoot a 6.5x55 Bergara, experienced shotgun shooter and rifle shooter

    Shoot a 6.5x55 Bergara, experienced shotgun shooter and rifle shooter
  6. Introduction

    Hi! First post here. I am a Norwegian hunter, who hunts both mammals and birds in Norway and Sweden, and sometimes in other countries. Been hunting in almost 20 years. Rifle: 6.5*55 and 30.06 Shotgun : 12/89 and 12/70 Sorry for my poor english. Pål Sindre Svae
  7. Should a novice choose a flatter shooting calibre for their one and only rifle???

    Once again I'm looking to learn from the collective wisdom of SD members, please help? I have been looking at the 6.5x55 SWE as an all round calibre (will probably only ever have one stalking rifle) and know this is a bit of a hot potato on SD forum and it is often a lively debate that follows...
  8. 6.5 x 55 comparison

    Please forgive my ignorance. I have recently taken up stalking and I love it but I'm not really that interested in rifles. I just want one that feel well built and will put the bullets where I want them (so far as my ability allows). I've been advised to go for a 6.5 x 55 and so I'm looking at...
  9. 7x57 v. 6.5 x 55 v 25-06

    I am about to apply for my FAC and am looking for a rifle for both roe and reds with the possibility of occasional foxing. I have done a lot of reading and spoken to several stalkers. I am favouring the 25-06, as it seems to be fairly versitile and very flat, although the 7x57 doesn't seem...