1. For Sale: 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Reloading BITS

    400 of 6.5mm 143gr Hornady ELD-X Projectiles £45 Per box of 100 Posted or £170 for all 4 boxes posted 100 of 6.5mm 100gr Nosler BT Hunting Spitzer £25 per box of 50 Posted or £45 for Both boxes Posted (SOLD) 1 of 6.5mm Swedish Mauser LEE RIFLE RELOADER TOOL. £35 Posted (SOLD) 1 of 6.5mm...
  2. For Sale: Berger 6.5mm 140grn VLDH Bullets

    251 bullets total. 2 X unopened boxes and part box of 51, all the same lot numbers. Will not split. Berger PN:26504. Very accurate bullet, I've hit some small targets at 1400yds with these and deer at closer ranges. £180 delivered to UK mainland only. Payment by bank transfer only.
  3. Best copper rounds for 6.5x55 muntjac/roe?

    So I’m buying a Mauser m12 impact in 6.5x55 and need some advice on the best copper rounds for this caliber? Mostly shooting Roe & muntjac but some fallow as well.
  4. Sold: 6.5 FMJ Projectiles (PPU + S&B)

    Evening all, I have the below, going a different route with 6.5 Swede so these are unused. 100 X PPU 139grn 6.5 FMJ Projectiles - £26 posted 400 X S&B 140grn FMJ 6.5 Projectiles - in boxes of 100, £18 posted per box or £62 posted for all 400 of them. Please PM me if you want to buy! Thanks
  5. Sold: *REDUCED * 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady Brass

    Had an offer I couldn’t refuse on Lapua brass, so have some of my very cared for Hornady brass for sale. All stainless tumbled, nice and bright, primer pockets uniformed. Annealed before sizing every time. 41 of 1x fired (annealed) - £15 posted 64 of 3x fired - £12 posted 60 of 4x fired -...