anschutz 1415 - 1416

  1. Rupert J

    Sold: Anschutz 5 round .22 magazine

    Hope someone has a 5 round capacity magazine for an Anschutz bolt action rifle. Please get in touch if you have one. I picked up a new rifle today, and they come with a 10 round magazine so if you have a new one then I'd happily swap. or, if you have an old and functioning 5 capacity that you...
  2. trucraft

    For Sale: Anschutz 1415 - 1416 .22

    Selling my .22 I have owned this rifle for several year now. It has had light use each year and well looked after. It has some wear/ chips on the stock but as you can see in great condition really. Paddy Dane chopped and rethreaded the barrel to 14 inches and it has made this a really usable...