1. Whitening/Cleaning Antler

    Hi there, I'm making a red deer antler thumb stick. As you can see, the antler (click for image)is a yellowish/green colour. Some people might prefer this but I'd like to get it whiter and would also welcome any recommendations as to how to give it the best possible finish. Many thanks
  2. Going back?

    I've been intrigued into what age large bucks/ stags are living to before they start to go back. There's a few red stags I have noticed to go back over the years, however they've lived on for a number of years after doing so. I understand that most of the time, an animal is shot once it starts...
  3. Red Deer Antler Chandeliers / Lighting

    Hi all, I am pleased to say after many months of work behind the scenes putting together my new business venture, it is now finally up and running. As highlighted in an earlier blog, having visited a number of American states last year with with my son on a touring holiday, our interactions and...